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‘Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Reveals Ghost Rider, Dormammu in New Trailer

Capcom continues to try and drum up player interest in its latest story trailer for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. In addition, the trailer gives us the first shots of Ghost Rider and Dormammu in the game, who were already announced as being in the game. Details on Ghost Rider and Dormammu, as well as Ghouls ‘N Ghosts‘ Firebrand and Darkstalkers‘ Jedah, will be revealed later this week at Gamescom.

Those four bring the game’s roster up to 30 characters, with more to be added after the game’s September 19th release. In a press release, Capcom also confirmed Infinite‘s play modes (both offline and online), which includes Story Mode, Arcade, Mission, Training, Versus, Online Ranked, Online Casual, a Beginner’s League and Lobby.

Despite the lukewarm reception and questionable decisions on Capcom’s part with this game, here’s hoping that the Gamescom presentation gives fans something more positive.

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    Looks like garbage

    • Weresmurf

      Looks alright to me. HOWEVER, if they have the control system from 3 it’ll fucking blow. If it goes back to 2’s fighting system? That’d be awesome…

  • HeteroFriendly

    I used to kind of like fighting games with marvel characters (never a big DC fan),
    so many great characters with great backstories for about 60+ years.

    There was still good stuff after the disney sale, but the percentage of good to trash was going in the wrong direction for keeps.

    But I dont even want to hear about comic books or comic book characters or comic book movies after what they’ve done to them and with them these days. I cant even go back and read the originals anymore.

    Its kind of the same way all the new terrible Alien and Star Wars movies are kinda fcking up my enjoyment of the original Star Wars and Alien.

    I think it doesn’t effect people younger then me becasue they dont have anything to compare it to. The new ishtty versions are just as new to them as seeing the originals for the first time, except the new ones are way louder, flashier and coercive in a stupid way.

    I read a comment on the mtv website when ridley had just announced that he was going to make an alien sequel (prometheus), and a young twit posted their sincere comment to ridley personally that they hoped that his new alien would be more exciting then Alien, becasue they finally saw Alien and “nothing happened for the first hour”.

    And thats what the whole remake, reimagine, sequel, prequel, sequel to a prequel scam is about. Its not just about money, although its certainly about that, but its also an agenda to distort and rewrite history into a new louder and stupider history.

    • YeerkOnTheBrain

      Retroactive fuckinuity?

      • HeteroFriendly


    • Munchie

      I’ve never understood that point of view. Crystal Skull sucked, but I still love Raiders and Temple of Doom as much as the first time I saw them.

      • HeteroFriendly

        I do agree with that to, I usually kinda feel that way.
        Or at least try to.

        And I’ve been able to tolerate and withstand the besmirching of nice things for a callous exploitative profit for many years. Its a free market and the way of the world right?

        It may have been that new alien movie but recently I’m having a harder time not noticing how things like that really can ruin the nice thing they’re exploiting.

        Yes the original still exists, but now the cultural context is all fcked up.
        Now people are gonna run around talking about how david invented the Alien and just the batisht stuff they’ve done with decades of beautiful marvel comic history to re-write it for highly questionable new agendas.

        Now if you tell someone that the Thing is a classic and they should see it,
        if they dont know any better, and if they’ve never seen the Thing yet then they dont know any better, they’ll go on netflix and rent that horrible 2012 abomination called, THE THING.

        Its not as benign and harmless of a practice as it seems while your just going ahead and disregarding them doing it.
        Its not like they’re gonna stop or anything,
        but I should at least have a right to not like it.

    • American Atheist

      Fighting games are great!! The only games I truly enjoy playing. Where else could I have Jason Voorhees face off against Leatherface? Xenomorph vs Predator? I love it! Tekken 7 is my latest fighting game addiction. Great time to be a fighting games fan.

  • American Atheist

    Sorry, Disney/Marvel. Since you are boycotting the X-Men and Fantastic 4 (Dr Doom), I will be boycotting your sorry ass excuse of a game. I’ll stick with the remastered Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS4.

  • Julie Turner

    They need to utilize more new characters. They keep bringing back the same characters from past games and only adding a few new ones. I know they do this because people who played past games will complain if “fill in the blank” isn’t included in the new game… but in order to have more new characters, you need to cut down on some of the same-old characters from the past games. Or, considering how much video games and brand new consoles cost these days, they could just budget in a huge roster that includes a massive amount of characters, beyond the massive amount they already include…

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