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Twisted Thriller ‘Lady Macbeth’ Comes to Digital HD and DVD this October

Lionsgate has announced that Lady Macbeth will be coming to home video this October. The film will first be available via Digital HD on October 3rd with a DVD release to follow two weeks later on October 17th. Sadly, the film doesn’t appear to be getting a Blu-ray release, at least not as of yet.

I was fortunate enough to catch Lady Macbeth at the Overlook Film Festival in Oregon earlier this year and it was one of the coldest and unsettling thrillers I had seen in some time. The film takes place in rural England in 1865 and it follows Katherine (Florence Pugh) who was recently forced into a marriage with a man nearly twice her age. The marriage is loveless and Katherine is basically his property. When her husband leaves for few weeks for work, however, Katherine does have an entire estate at her control. During this time she starts a passionate affair with a young worker and then that’s when things get a little crazy. Picture Brian De Palma directing a movie that takes place in 19th century England.

It’s a bummer and quite frankly surprising that the film isn’t getting a Blu-ray release. It’s one of the year’s best so far and an absolutely stunning debut from director William Oldroyd. Hopefully, a Blu-ray release will come further down the road because this is one movie that is definitely deserving.

DVD and Digital HD bonus features include a photo gallery and a behind-the-scene featurette.




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