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[Gamescom] ‘My Memory Of Us’ Sports Dark Visuals With Touching Story



Juggler Games’ My Memory Of Us was announced way back in February, but is now getting a much-needed boost in attention thanks to a new trailer and, if you’re at Gamescom, a PC demo!

The whimsical yet dark adventure platformer tells the story of friendship between a boy and a girl in the midst of a war between the country’s inhabitants and a robot army. As the war rages on, the Evil King decides to split up the population of his country. The marked ones were placed in annexed area separated by a huge wall. The two friends will have to avoid the detection by the robot army in order to escape to their freedom.

And yes, this is all a reference to the Nazi occupation of Poland and the Jewish ghettos during World War II. In fact, the events in the game are based on actual stories from the Jewish ghettos at that time.

The game features a mix of stealth and puzzle-solving, with each friend having their own unique abilities. You will also be able to control both friends at the same time in order to solve certain puzzles. Mixed with a beautiful art style, My Memory Of Us definitely seems to belie its simple premise. No release date as of yet, but it should be soon.

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