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Bruce Campbell Hammers Final Nail into ‘Bubba Ho-Tep 2’ Coffin

You already knew this. But now you can’t even pretend it’s not true anymore.

If you’re asking me, Bruce Campbell‘s finest acting work to date can be found in Bubba Ho-Tep, Don Coscarelli’s wacky Joe Lansdale adaptation that saw Campbell play an Elvis impersonator (or is he Elvis himself…?) in his final days at a nursing home.

Coscarelli has been trying to get prequel Bubba Nosferatu off the ground for many years now, but one of the major hangups is that Campbell isn’t interested in reprising his role.

And without Campbell, well, maybe there’s just no point in doing it.

Will Campbell ever change his mind? No, he just told EW, definitely not.

I killed it,” Campbell told EW Channel’s Entertainment Weirdly show. “I killed it for me. I told the creators that I didn’t want to dance around it anymore. I feel that the first one was a nice little gem and you don’t have to make a sequel for everything.

He added, “Don Coscarelli, god bless him, go make it. You know, get somebody else. They had Ron Perlman at one point. Knock yourself out. I don’t want to stop you from making this, but I don’t want to [do it]. So, that one I’m just going to let go.”




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