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Your Help is Needed to Get George Romero His Walk of Fame Star

Given his influence on not just horror cinema but independent filmmaking as a whole, it’s pretty insane that George Romero doesn’t already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The good news? Last summer, it was announced that Romero would finally be getting one. The bad news? A lot of money needs to be raised in order for it to happen.

In the wake of his recent passing, an Indiegogo campaign has just been launched (with the support of friend and fellow legend, Malcolm McDowell) in an effort to raise the funds necessary to get George Romero the Walk of Fame star that he has (essentially) already been rewarded. After all, everything comes at a cost in Hollywood.

Organizer Matt O’Neill explains…

“As you may be aware, George A. Romero was nominated and selected to receive his, long over due, star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this October.  The enormous costs associated with this honor are well over $60,000 (including the price of the actual star, and star reception events). We are turning to you who knew and loved George for help to complete our star completion fund. Please look at our Donation Levels for the benefits you will receive.”

“Your assistance in this great celebration, honoring this wonderful man, is truly appreciated.”

If you’re interested in helping out, head over to the official Romero Star Fund Indiegogo campaign. Perks for donating include entry to the reception.



  • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

    I refuse to believe everyone on the walk of fame paid for their own stars.

    • James

      Right? This just seems absurd. I’m good with him getting a star just for really jump starting the zombie craze, but I can’t fathom why this needs to be crowd funded.

    • Loyd Cryer

      Think again… They all pay for them themselves. Read this link or Google it…

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        “Typically the recording label or movie studio will foot the bill. But in some cases, the money has been raised by stars’ devoted fans.”

        Think again said you? Told you so says I.

  • Necro

    If I had the money I’d pay for the whole fucking thing!

  • Creepshow

    There’s a part of this that sounds “a little too soon”. Besides, fuck Hollywood. George doesn’t deserve to have his name walked on, by gnarly feet in flip-flops.

  • KnightOfTears

    He earned his star!! There is no need anyone should have to raise money to buy him one. Fuck Hollywood and their “Oh you didn’t earn one in ours eyes, but we will sell you one” mentality. In fact, fuck a star on the walk of fame. Name an actual star after George so it’s officially documented in the National Star Registry and Library of Congress and give his family the framed and matted plaque they send as well. Sure, it’s costs a couple of hundred bucks, but lasts forever. He should never be walked upon, he should become part of the universe!

  • Darkknight2149

    Why do we have to pay money? He’s a [frick]in’ legend! And it’s a crime that this happening just after he passed away. He should be alive to see this.

  • T Heilman

    I’d say us fans have supported him enough with our wallets when he was alive and it is probably a safe bet he would be be disgusted by the idea of this.
    Hell, he hated Hollywood so much he moved up here to Canada.
    As for McDowell, I paid to meet him too. Nice enough chap, but c’mon… use some of that Rob Zombie money and pay for it yourself if it means that much to you.

  • jose ramirez

    Walk of fame stars don’t mean shit. Just like oscars, tony’s etc. I’d rather him not get walked on by fat stupid americans all day.

    • KnightDrive

      Or hobos…trust me I live out here and Hollywood Blvd. is a crowded dirty, piss smelling, hobo filled, crazy people with signs shit filled street.

  • Alex

    F*ck that! Have Hollywood or McDowell pay for it. You cheap bastards!

  • Meisha’s Taint

    We got you George.Consider it done

  • drew

    I hate it when these over paid celebrities ask us regular people for money. Such a joke.

  • Mark Lepine

    My understanding is that it cost ten thousand for the star, why are they asking for thirty-five. And yes all stars are paid for on the walk of fame.

    • ShadowInc

      Do you think McDowell did that fund raiser promo for free? ; )

      • Mark Lepine

        Hahaha True! I bet he wanted ten grand for talking about his dear friend.

  • Gordon Franklin Terry Sr.

    Romero worked outside the Hollywood system, Creepshow was independently financed and Monkey Shines and The Dark Half were made for Orion, an independent studio. Only Land of the Dead was made and financed for by and for a Hollywood Studio.

    Not saying it shouldn’t happen, but George Romero wasn’t too keen about Hollywood.

    In the end, he probably wouldn’t mind really. Ask his widow and his daughter Tina Romero first.

    Best of Scares!

  • Galina Vilson

    I hope that there is the chance to make it for G. Romero he deserve it. He is created ZOMBIE in the movies. Hope there is the chance

  • ShadowInc

    I’ve always felt that you should give people flowers while they are alive, not at their funeral once they are dead. This sort of feels like that. I’d rather donate to a just cause in George’s name, than buy a monument he is not around to appreciate. I suspect George might agree.

  • Although that crowdfunder doesn’t offer any cheaper ways to contribute(with no $10,$25,or $50 dollars bids in sight),it is ironic how the people that are massively complaining here would immediately pay(within less than a second) for a Walk Of Fame star for Sid Haig and Bill Moseley if those were to ever happen. After all,this is George A. Romero we’re talking about and a WOF star for him has been a long time coming.

  • abyx34

    I’m pretty sure that if he really wanted to be there, he would already be there. Maybe he just didn’t want to join the walk of fame/money/corruption/ of the Un-holywood… 😀

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