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American McGee Begins Work On Third ‘Alice’ Game!



Anyone who’s played Doom knows about American McGee’s work. Unfortunately, despite knowing his work and his dedication to games, I just never got into his twisted take on Lewis Carol’s Alice In Wonderland with the Alice series. I know, hang my head in shame.

Anyways, those who have been clamouring for a new entry in the series now have a glimmer of hope. While McGee was busy promoting his new tabletop game of twisted fairy tales called Out Of The Woods (which you can pre-order here), he had made a proclamation: If Out Of The Woods succeeds in its Kickstarter campaign of $175,000 (which it ended up smashing with a total $259,744), he would take another crack at revisiting the world of Alice.

Lo and behold, McGee announced on his blog that he’s prepared to begin constructing a proposal for a third entry in the Alice series (tentatively titled “Alice: Asylum”). The proposal will include concept art, a design outline, and a financial/business model. Once this proposal is complete, it’ll be shipped of to EA. But, he needs your help to show EA that there’s a base of fans who want the game. You can do so by signing up for the mailing list on his blog, as well as following McGee on Twitter, Facebook page and YouTube.

Guess it’s time for me to revisit the series.

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