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Escape the Afterlife in ‘Twin Peaks’-inspired ‘Necrosphere’



Yeah, we’re all bummed about the finale of Twin Peaks. But, what if I told you that developers Cat Nigiri have just released their Metroidvania-styled game, Necrosphere, that take a few cues from Lynch’s acclaimed series?

Necrosphere is a bite-sized pixellated challenge of a game, where you take on the role of Agent Terry Cooper, who has found himself in the afterlife (the Necrosphere). Your goal is to find the portals that can take you back to regular life (the Normalsphere). The catch is that you can only use two buttons for the entire game.

So yes, expect to die plenty of times as continually try to even make it to a checkpoint. But just like games like Super Meat Boy, Dark Souls and countless other deathfests, you’ll keep trying. Currently, the game is on for 10% off through September 7, so get to it.

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