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At Least One Clown Group is Actually Arranging Protest of ‘IT’

It’s no secret that clowns, as in real clowns who presumably don’t kill children, are not the biggest fans of Stephen King. They’ve been pretty outspoken about IT and its depiction of a terrifying, child-eating clown ever since the new adaptation was announced; presumably, they were also outraged in 1986 and again in 1990.

King himself recently responded to the claims that the fictional Pennywise is killing the clown industry, writing on Twitter that “The clowns are pissed at me. Sorry, most are great. BUT… kids have always been scared of clowns. Don’t kill the messengers for the message.”

Now, with IT arriving in theaters this week, VICE reports today that at least one clown group is planning on protesting the release of the film. Over in Canada, the Thunder Bay Clown Club plans on assembling outside of the town’s Silver City Theatre before tonight’s premiere, where they will “hand out pamphlets denouncing the negative view of clowns.”

We feel that this has done great harm in the business of clowning and for clowns,” said Thunder Bay clown Dianne McNicol. “A number of clown clubs have actually folded due to the negativity surrounding it. You need to remember that clowns are people too.”

All of this hurts us because we do such good in the community, but we embrace it, we understand what’s happening,” she continued “That’s what we want to give this information and say: ‘Don’t promote IT, don’t go out on halloween and dress your kids as scary clowns, don’t perpetuate the idea of evil clowning.’

The club says that their main goal is to spread the message that there’s a huge difference between real clowns and the scary clowns depicted in films like IT. Unfortunately for them, business is drying up as more parents and children have become conditioned to the idea that, well, all clowns should probably be kept away from kids.

All press is good press, so we can only assume Stephen King is smiling right now.

We know Pennywise is.



  • Grimphantom

    I do get how they feel since folks when they see a clown they either run or try to punch him but honestly they shouldn’t be worked out this much because of the movie. Clowns will be hired no matter what also would be stupid if some parents try to show their kids IT and later go “had fun kids, well we now have a party with full of clowns!!!”

    For those who harass clowns, stop being jerks! They his/her job to make kids happy, if you do see a creepy clown trying to lure a kid somewhere, then now you can kick his ass.

    • Graham

      Exactly! I think there’s a pretty clear difference between “real” clowns and scary horror movie clowns. While some people might have genuine fears of clowns of any kind, I think the whole “clowns are inherently scary” thing has been blown way out of proportion, and we should stop acting like “scary” is the baseline for clowns. Movies about creepy dolls do not make all dolls seem scary. Psycho hasn’t shuttered the shower unit industry. People still attend summer camps all over the place, despite countless horror movies taking place there. There is room in this world for real clowns and scary clowns. I just feel bad that these people feel like something they are passionate about is being misconstrued. That can’t feel good.

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    The irony is that when they show up dressed as clowns, they will inevitably scare the shit out of everyone within proximity.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    I mean, people weren’t scared of every dog after they saw Cujo, right? Or every doll after they saw Child’s Play? I’d argue that Pennywise is designed to be creepy, and if you are just a regular clown that doesn’t go out of your way to be creepy, you’re probably good.

    • William Shatner should boycott Halloween for using his face on Michael Myers. His acting career is practically non-existent now that everyone’s afraid of him…Right?

      • Grimphantom

        I think i’m more scared at his singing XD

  • Ralph McAllister

    They used the verb “Clowning”, they are evil.

    • I found out my gma was into that shite after she died, seeing those pics really creeped me out lol

  • Jay Bennett


  • Ima Badlady

    Very fitting for today’s day and age.

  • No matter what you do, someone somewhere will probably be offended. I just found out today in Public Speaking class at Uni that the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Society boycotted a beverage company for nearly including their silly hand-game in a commercial. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Papa_spoosh

      I read this and said to myself… this “guy must be lying…” there is a world rock paper scissor society?! It’s not a real question, because I googled. Of all of the things over seen in the last year, this is the hardest to believe and deal with

  • Liam

    I guess they missed that whole John Wayne Gacey thing… you know, a REAL clown killing REAL kids?? THAT did damage to clowns…. King just made it fun to read.

  • Papa_spoosh

    Lol you went to clown school and NOW you’re concerned about employment? Protest something real and try to eliminate real life JW Gacy clown memorabilia or something if you HAVE to protest. Also mimes…. mimes are clearly the evil clown cousin

  • Papa_spoosh

    Can the creepy clowns that enjoy stalking strangers boycot these clowns for trying to ruin the “evil clown” image?

  • JasonThe13th

    Hello guys! I’m from Russia and this is my first comment here. But I’m a big fan of horror and I’ve been reading Bloody-disgusting for a long time. As for the topic, we have the same thing in Russia.

  • Noel

    Everyone just has to be offended by something. It’s so annoying.

  • David

    Pennywise: Do you want a balloon Georgie?
    Georgie: Absolutely! I’d give my right arm!

  • Mike Lawrence


  • Weresmurf

    If you need transport to this location, they have a single small bus going in the morning, it seats 50,533,214.

  • The Horrorist

    The movie IT isn’t made for children. The same as with movies like Child’s Play, Silent Night, Deadly Night or other movies that take the concept of something regarded as innocent being evil. I don’t know if real life clowns loose money over films like this, but I guess they are in a niche market anyway.
    As a kid I was afraid of dolls. When Child’s Play came out (I was 11 years old) I watched it with my dad during the day and I loved it. It made me a horror fan.

    • Alex Harbie

      If this was the Pre internet days, you would have the argument about not being for kids down pat, but this the internet and social media era, whether it’s made for a specific demo isn’t the problem, kids are going to see it anyway and interpret however they want. Porn is made for adults, and look at how that worked out for this generation, easiest access to it in history. Everything else I agree with.

      • Ikr? Good luck raising a kid these days. Even if you lock everything down they’ll find a way…..

  • Jamesyjames

    Um… I live in Thunder Bay.. this is.. awkward.

  • Pumpkin Witch

    Clowns should be satisfied. They have a representative of their profession in the White House!


    Thunder bay, that explains it right there. I haven’t met anyone from Ontario that can last more than a minute without disturbing some shit.

  • That protest is stupid. Err.. have they never heard of the Killer Clown craze? Which is (according to the news) set to return, due to the premier of IT.

  • Let Juvenile Jaded Adults destroy Clowning so children don’t have a Kids Comedian come to their Party & give them a sense of Wonderment. Adults come 1st they have to tell the World they have an attention need by convincing themselves & others they have a real Clown phobia! What person goes around telling others proudly I’m afraid of Clowns? On top of it they attack Pro Clowns with impunity! This is now an acceptable form of Internet Bullying. Clowns don’t have an Anti defamation League. Wake up attacking others livelihoods is really wrong & you know it.

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