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Stephen King Bingo is the Most Fun Way to Revisit King Adaptations

With new Stephen King adaptations hitting screens both big and small at a steady clip, you’ve probably found yourself itching to revisit some of the many King tales that have been adapted over the years.

Why not spice things up by playing KINGO while you do?!

What’s KINGO, you ask? Well, it’s a Stephen King-themed version of Bingo that was just whipped up by the folks over on Pink Smoke. Essentially, they picked out 24 of the most common tropes/themes/character types found in King’s stories and brilliantly turned them into the spots on a custom-made Bingo card.

They explain, “It’s just like regular BINGO. When you watch a Stephen King film adaptation, TV movie or mini-series, just check-off that trope as it appears. For example: Mary Lambert’s 1989 film of Pet Sematary hits 10 tropes, with a straight line down the middle. That’s a KINGO!

Print out the card below to get started!




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