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Run, Hide, ‘The Land of Pain’ is Unleashed Today!

We covered Alessandro Guzzo’s The Land Of Pain last month, and now the game is finally out today on Steam!

Powered by the CryEngine, The Land Of Pain combines intricate storytelling, survival mechanics and adventure-style puzzle-solving with a Lovecraftian aspect that (let’s be honest) we always need more of from our horror games.

The game places you in a beautiful wooded area, but you soon find out that you’re being hunted by someone or something. Seeing as you don’t have any weapons at your disposal, it’s the ultimate game of stealth, as you must remain hidden from whatever it is that’s pursuing you. As you delve deeper into the woods, you find your surroundings taking a distinctly darker turn.

Hit up the game’s Steam page to play the game today.

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  • Leo

    “Seeing as you don’t have any weapons at your disposal, it’s the ultimate game of stealth”
    Just as any other goddamn Amnesia-like game in the last five or so years. Enough guys!
    Alien: Isolation nailed it by having a clearly superior creature being impervious to damage thanks to its biology, not because for some reason Amanda forgot how to fire a shotgun!

    The “oh ops your character can’t even grab a brick and throw it” excuse is quickly growing thin. Either give a plausible reason to player weakening (e.g. the broken arm in Trespasser) or grow out of the Amnesia Phase.

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