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Joe Dante, Mick Garris and Mickey Rourke Team for Anthology ‘Nightmare Cinema’

Five celebrated directors remind us why we love a good nightmare.

The men behind Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” and Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For have joined forces for Nightmare Cinema, a brand new horror anthology that will feature five short films which all share a common thread. In the director’s chairs?

Mick Garris (Hocus Pocus), Joe Dante (Gremlins), David Slade (30 Days of Night), Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train), and Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead)!

Serving as the anthology’s Cryptkeeper, Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler, Iron Man 2, Sin City) will guide audiences through each of their own personal nightmares.

In Nightmare Cinema

“A series of down-on-their-luck individuals enter the decrepit and spine-chilling Rialto theater, only to have their deepest and darkest fears brought to life on the silver screen by The Projectionist – a mysterious, ghostly figure who holds the nightmarish futures of all who attend his screenings. By the time our patrons realize the truth, escape is no longer an option. For once the ticket is torn, their fate is sealed at Nightmare Cinema.”

The plan is for the concept to also be turned into a television series, being compared to “Tales from the Crypt.”

Mick Garris is producing via his Nice Guy Productions. Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton from Cinelou and 2016 Blood List Alumni Joe Russo round out the rest of the producing team. Good Deed Entertainment’s Scott Donley and Lenny Shapiro, as well as The Fyzz Facility’s Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones will serve as Executive Producers, along with Cinelou Films’ Scott Karol.



  • rocker_15-c

    I’m pumped for this, anthology horror films are my all time favorites and this one looks cool

  • Blood Boil

    Mick Garris looks like all the women that used to come into the vegan bakery I used to work at and constantly what things were “gluten free” and order some fucked up tea latte nonsense

  • DukeStKing

    Really wish Mickey could be taken more seriously.

    • Joe Hamilton

      Duke, I couldn’t agree with you more. He is my favorite actor. His past reputation killed his career even after he was in The Wrestler. He’s too old to get a traditional role and I hear he is still difficult to work with. The plastic surgery certainly didn’t help but his acting and voice should have kept him in the game as far as a main supporting actor or at least a on par with Dolph Lungren. The fact that fat ass Stephen Segal still gets roles is embarrassing.

      • DukeStKing

        He’s mine as well. Ever since rumble fish all those years ago. Even in The Rainmaker, when Francis cast him in that small role, he was great. But, this is a horror movie site, so I’ll leave it at that. You’re right on all points, by the way. Take care.

  • Papa_spoosh

    Well, I wish I didn’t know about this yet… really exciting concept but seems like we wont see anything from this in a very long time. Anthology horror is the my favorite, I look forward to hearing some concrete details

  • MrX13

    I enjoy watching horror anthology movies. Best ones yet are Trick R Treat, VHS, and Tales Of Halloween among others

    • david

      Trick R Treat was great. I think it’s probably one of my favorite horror movies ever. VHS & VHS 2 were pretty good, but VHS Viral was dog crap. I also enjoyed Tales of Halloween, but my only complaint about that movie was that it contained too many shorts. I think it would have been much better if they only had 5 or 6 tales, and if each of the tales would have been longer.

      • MrX13

        I think on some of them, they could have expanded a few but there was a lot to take in.

  • Necro

    Sounds interesting, but the mere mention of ‘Masters of Horror’ makes me drool excessively! I know it wasn’t an anthology show, but definitely in the top 3 Horror t.v. shows ever! Man I loved that show! IMO

  • Aslinn McIntyre

    Anything like Masters of Horror or Fear Itself is tops with me.

  • mark long

    It’s funny, I just started re-watching MoH this week. I enjoy most anthology type of series and in this climate of reboots and remakes, I was thinking MoH would be a perfect target. First, with the losses of Craven, Romero and Hooper, it is a project that begs for some aging film makers to work on. Then, it has been long enough, that we have a new generation, actually a seemingly HUGE generation of genre film makers that could participate. Hopefully this becomes something like that or we see an actual MoH reboot. Bring it on!

  • Jeff

    Love love love this idea but hate that one of the films is gonna be wasted on Mick Garris. He’s a great producer with a genuine love & knowledge for all things horror but as a director he is extremely weak. His MoH episodes (which were notoriously mixed bags like any anthology) were routinely the series nadirs. I wish his love for horror would result in him doing the best thing for it and not directing anything lol.

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