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Check Out This ‘Halloween 6: Producer’s Cut’ Poster for Upcoming 35mm Screening

There was a time when you had to buy a bootleg if you wanted to see the so-called “Producer’s Cut” of 1995’s Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, which includes 70-minutes of alternate, unedited footage as well as an alternate ending. But that changed in 2015 with Lionsgate’s official release of the Producer’s Cut on Blu-ray.

Now, Halloween fans in New York can see the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 on the big screen later this month, as Retro Picture Show is hosting an incredibly rare 35mm screening of the alternate cut at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, New York on Friday night, September 29!

To promote the screening, an event poster, t-shirts and even temporary “Cult of Thorn” tattoos have been whipped up, and can be purchased even by those unable to attend the event. All the swag can be purchased through the Retro Picture Show website, while event tickets can be grabbed through Cinema Arts Centre.

Check out the event poster below, designed by Kyle Crawford!

Halloween 6 was directed by Joe Chappelle and stars Paul Rudd and Donald Pleasence.



  • The chicken man

    Love this movie(even though it wasn’t great), but Paul Rudd was SO bad in it. Lol.

    • kevinhorror

      Love this movie (but I don’t think its bad…I think it actually has some really great scares, great atmosphere, and probably the second best “Michael slowing chasing someone across the street” that is nerve wrecking. Paul Rudd was decent in it, but there is one scene – at the hospital trying to get Kara out of the mental ward room – where he is beyond horrible, the weird laugh, the awkward banging of the fire extinguisher into the door knob, its so bad its hilarious!

      • Angela M Campany

        • Lard

          Dude so awesome!!!

        • J Jett

          that face Rudd makes when he sees Michael (a cross between his “ecstasy/sex face” and his laughing face!) is incredibly bizarre and hilarious. LOL.

          • Angela M Campany


      • Rohan

        ……. I kinda like that scene.

  • Bart Crowe

    Having seen both it’s safe to say Halloween 6 is just a bad movie. The non producer’s cut is more violent so I give it the slight edge. Honestly it’s only worth watching to see a young Paul Rudd and Donald Pleasence’s last movie.

  • The Drucifer

    Everything’s better with magic acorns…

  • dukeblues

    Loved H6. One of the best Myers easily.

  • Rohan

    I used to write off 4-6 as shit, but I just rewatched them recently and they do have their own atmosphere that I kinda dig. There are some questionable choices in character, it seems no one cares when the big sister dies in part 5 but It’s so dramatic when her friend gets it, like she’s such an important plot point all of a sudden.

    • I like Halloween 4, though it could have been better. Halloween 6 is okay as a film, but the ‘Cult of Thorn’ reveal was terrible. Halloween 5 is just bad IMO.

      • Rohan

        I agree. Part 5 is filled with so many “………….. really?” moments that it just ends up being a mess. 4 through 6 are weird movies in general, and the cult conspiracy doesn’t have much of a payoff. It’s just “Hey were a cult aaaand were dead.”

  • Halloween 6 wasn’t as bad as Halloween 5, but I hated the whole reveal of “Michael was controlled by a cult the entire time!” Frankly, the only decent film in the ‘Cult of Thorn’ trilogy was Halloween 4.

    • Tan Shearer

      I feel Halloween 4 wasn’t part of the Cult of Thorn idea and it was something thought up from Part 5-6.

      • That’s true. Halloween 4 is usually lumped in with the other two simply because 5 picks up precisely where 4 ended.

        • Tan Shearer

          Just checked and 4 and 5 had a completely different writing staff so it’s highly likely 4 was nothing to do with it and it was something the Part 5 writing staff thought up.

  • That is a cool poster. Definitely better than the movie.

  • Alex

    All style but no substance.

    • Except the actual film has none of the style of that poster…

      • Alex

        That’s what I was referring to.

  • J Jett

    this poster is very cool. it’s infinitely better than anything in the film though.

  • David Rechichi

    The producer’s cut is quite a lot better than the theatrical. I really enjoy this entry now and think it’s one of my favorites.

  • Lard

    I love Halloween 6, they’re version of Michael seems the most creepiest and scary out of all of them (except the original) & not because of the whole cult backstory, but mostly because of the way they used Michael in some scenes. That scene where Michael catches Paul Rudds character trying to break down a door to free his friend in the hospital is chilling to watch every time lol I never saw the producers cut though. Maybe I’ll love it even more?

  • scott

    I love Michael Myers in this. It’s one of my favorites. He’s fucking terrifying and angry as fuck. I love it.

    • Necro

      You and I both Scott! Truly love part 6! Always have since the very first time I saw the film.

      • Angela M Campany

        Same ,very underrated .

    • RJ MacReady

      That is the one thing that always stood out to me about H6. Michael Meyers seemed more aggressive and brutal than the previous films. Definitely not the best Halloween movie but that aspect of it was great.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Halloween 6 (Curse, call it what you will) is kind of a bridge film for me. It’s the last of that old nostalgic Myers era with Dr. Loomis and the absence of Danielle Harris caused a separation in my mind and made the story feel completely different from the world they had created the previous seven years. It was also the end of the age where teenage-me spent time imagining where the story might go next and how cool it is to learn the origin of Michael’s evil, etc. I remember reading about the film in Fangoria when it was still in production and reading George Wilbur’s quote of “I get to play papa this time” and going “….huh?” Reading tidings of all this cult/sacrifice stuff and wondering what the hell’s going on. We even got to see a glimpse of the then titled Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers on the preview section of the Pulp Fiction home video (VHS). Then, the film finally hit theaters and hardly any of that stuff was in it and I was left even more confused.

    Wasn’t until years later I found out about the Producer’s Cut and ordered a bootleg VHS copy off eBay and watched it and I remember thinking “Ah…… here it is. Here’s all that weird stuff I read about in ’95.” The idea that these cultists set the stage for Michael to rape/impregnate Jamie, and him actually showing up to do just that, was mind-boggling. Seeing Michael cooperatively standing around during the sacrifice ceremony late in the film in a subservient manner made no sense. I mean yea, I get it, he’s a product of Thorn and this was the ultimate Thorn sacrifice and all that, but still, it just makes him look silly. So much weirdness in the final act.

    I actually did kind of enjoy Tommy being able to deactivate Michael with a runic spell and the ending was very eerie and left a lot to the imagination. Had Donald Pleasence lived long enough to make a couple more movies, would’ve been very interesting to see where that story ultimately wound up. Remembering his death being the reason the original cut of the film was hacked up and the entire final act was reworked, imagine if he hadn’t passed away and the Producer’s Cut ended up being the official theatrical version, casual fans today would be commenting about Michael; “Hey, didn’t he rape his niece or something? The f*ck…”

    Anyhow, I have fond memories of seeing the theatrical film for the first time in ’95. As a fan, I had spent 6 years waiting for a new Myers flick and here it was. Though the hacked up theatrical cut wasn’t nearly as effective story-wise, the kills had a lot more oomph to them. I also remember watching it with a packed house of fun people. There were a lot of chicks in there reacting to every jump-scare and death scene. Made for a fun night at the movies. By the time I learned about H20 in production and all this was gonna be retconned and ignored I thought to myself “Eh…..probably for the best.”

  • Matty Ice 2016

    It was and always be complete rubbish.

  • chrishaagan

    Halloween 6 FELT like an extension of Carpenters Halloween. The fact Daniel Farrands lifted so much from the Curtis Richards novelization is telling. Last of the old-school Halloween movies. Once Pleasence died, so did this franchise imo. Halloween ended with Tommy deactivating Michael with the runes. No Donald, no Halloween.

  • Troy Saling

    Hospital scene probably the best in all the franchise. The most brutal too.

    • J Jett

      were they (the doctors/people Michael killed) going to sacrifice the baby?

    • Erick Lorinc

      that scene’s not in the producer’s cut

  • Geno1987

    Michael Myers is made entirely out of heads.

  • Khy

    I’m a proud Halloween 6 whore. Yes, even including the theatrical version. Love them both. I really want like a super cut of both the theatrical and producer’s cut in one.

    And yes, H6 Michael will always be the scariest Michael imo.

    • Tan Shearer

      Despite it being one of the worst in the series?

      • Khy

        Are you making a statement? If so fucking make it and don’t pose it as a question like a little punk bitch. <3

        • Tan Shearer

          Or else?

  • John Connor

    The hate the Thorn trilogy receives is telling of idiots who can’t appreciate a well woven story with great atmosphere.

    What’s even more aggravating is how that vocal (written) hate bleeds onto the producers of the sequels and how they cater and kowtow to the idiots exclaiming how they won’t mention the events of those three films (yet H20 and Resurrection clearly acknowledge them via Laurie’s troubled drug-riddled past with tremendous secretive regret in not being there for her daughter via faking her death and running away. It also goes along with Loomis surviving the hospital explosion, spending his time searching and hunting Michael, and also the fact that no one would believe Michael Myers was alive past the events of 20 years ago because no one person could commit the massacre of all those people like single-handedly taking out a whole police station. Michael Myers was a folktale joke in part 6 and then a cult was uncovered to easily take the blame for all sacrificial killings.)
    But people wrongfully insist that H20 erases 4,5,&6.

    As I’ve been saying for over two years now, the next sequel should have a woman in her twenties played by Danielle Harris.
    Her and her younger sister are suddenly attacked by Michael Myers (ala Halloween 4) at a Halloween party.
    After escaping alive with the help of Tommy Doyle, the cops apprehend Doyle and his team, reuniting Harris’s character with her parents who reveal that she was adopted.
    The rumors of that Thorn cult were true and she is a test tube baby (those scientific experiments with fetuses) from Jamie Lloyd (who is essentially her mother, and Michael Myers might be the father).
    The girl follows a trail ignited by Doyle that leads her to Laurie Strode, alive in a wheelchair and able to walk with a cane (ala Loomis).
    Thus Laurie gets to (metaphorically) protect and save her granddaughter (her daughter).
    I’d have the climax with Harris’s character taking on Michael’s curse after chopping him up, she’d become blind holding Michael’s severed head like a jacko-lantern acting as her eyes.
    She would be dressed as a harlequinn from the Halloween party.
    It would acknowledge Silver Shamrock and its connection to Thorn (that movie in Halloween III was a movie based on those true events of that Halloween night in 1978.)
    Laurie would have to kill her (daughter) granddaughter, reliving and coming to terms with the guilt of her daughter’s death.

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