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Grab ‘Outlast’ and its ‘Whistleblower’ DLC FOR FREE!

In case you don’t keep tabs on things like these (I know I wish I was better at it), Humble Bundle is having their “End Of Summer” sale on right now. And as a treat, until Saturday, September 23 at 12PM EST, the Humble Store is giving away Red Barrels Studio’s Outlast and its DLC “Whistleblower” for free.

That’s right, if you still haven’t played the game that scared the crap out of so many people, that they made the sequel (released this year!) even more terrifying, now’s your chance. It’s only for Steam, but hey, at a price of FREE, what do you have to complain about? Get over there now, and grab the game before noon tomorrow. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other deals, such as the entire season of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Darkest Dungeon or Grim Dawn.

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  • Reason

    The original and Whistleblower DLC are fantastic! The “sequel” was/is a pile of garbage!

    • James

      The finale in the school was where the sequel finally got good. Right at the end 🙁

    • RiseCowthulhu

      Disagree. Sequel was great. All the whiners who raged about it being “trial and error” forgot what the first game was like. God, I hope they expand on it.

      • MeeGhoulz

        And gory!

        • RiseCowthulhu

          Ayup 🙂

          My only disappointment was that the two bosses died really abruptly. And you dont DO anything with the preacher. In the first Outlast you don’t kill Walker but you avoid him enough that you feel like you did something. And in Whistleblower the same goes for The Groom. You survive, you wiggle, he eats a girder. It’s all good.

      • Reason

        I don’t mind “trial and error” but when you’re running around with literally HUNDREDS of possible weapons laying around and I can’t pick one up? Come on, now. I definitely hope they expand, but they have to do a LOT better than this last one.

        • RiseCowthulhu

          Yea but the Outlast franchise’s premise has always been you can’t fight back. Always. I think that if Red Barrels ever included a combat mechanic ….ever….they should make it as realistic as possible. Your guy may be fit, but he’s not a soldier. In both cases he was a “off the street” everyday guy reporter. Mayyyyyyybbbbeee let him pick up the occasional bat or crowbar and have the option of killing one of the grunt-level cultists/bad guys. But I think even then it should be difficult. Multiple hits, a need to blocks/struggle and your guy runs the risk of being exhausted. Against bosses, forget it. No weapons. I think one of the biggest failings of some games is a protagonist who’s never been in a violent fight picks up a gun or a bow and suddenly they’re goddamn Chuck Norris. Look at when they brought Tomb Raider back a couple of years ago. Lara goes from being some (rightfully) terrified 20-yr-old girl to an ass-kicking frontier ninja. You know what I would spend 90 pct of the time doing if I was the guy in Outlast 2? Running for my f–ing life. Sure, if I was cornered I’d fight back but it’s not being cowardly to say I wouldn’t go “look there’s a crazie in that cornfield, I’m gonna sneak up and stab him all sneaky like.”

          • Reason

            Totally agree! I’d be running too, but there are times when you’d have to pop a few in the face to get away. I don’t care about having guns and things of that nature. The main difference between the two games, however, is the setting. In an asylum, there’s aren’t going to be any weapons laying around, whereas farms?! Man, there’s all kinds of stuff I’d grab for self defense.

          • RiseCowthulhu

            I got ya. Guess it wasn’t that big a deal to me. Now on the plus side, Evil Within 2 should have plenty of combat.

            The only horror games I CANNOT stand are the ones where there is absolutely no threat to you. Layers of Fear. Observer. Those walking simulators. They’re not scary because there’s no chance of failure. Not really.

            The perfect “hide” game where you could fight back (for me) was Alien Isolation. You couldn’t KILL the Alien but you could hit back with the flamethrower. And you could kill androids, other humans, facehuggers.

            Sorry to keep it going this long. I just wish there were more horror games on console. And walking simulators do not count.

          • Reason

            Nothing like a good discussion!

    • theundead

      Sequel pile of garbage? Was you high or drunk when you wrote that comment?

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