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Something is Stirring in New ‘Better Watch Out’ Clip

You may be home… but you’re not alone.

Christmas comes early for horror fans this year with the release of Chris Peckover’s holiday horror flick Better Watch Out, coming to theaters and On Demand October 6.

While you wait, check out a brand new clip!

Described as Home Alone meets Scream, Trace reviewed the film out of the Fantastic Fest premiere, calling it “a hilariously bonkers home invasion tale.”

“Better Watch Out provides a bonkers twist on the home invasion sub-genre that had me squealing with glee from start to finish.”

Set in a quiet American suburb on a snowy evening on the lead up to Christmas, Ashley (Olivia DeJonge), the regular babysitter for Deandra (Virginia Madsen) and Robert Lerner (Patrick Warburton), has to defend their twelve-year-old son (Levi Miller) from strangers breaking into the house – only to discover that this is far from a normal home invasion.

The thriller is a Storm Vision Entertainment and Best Medicine production, directed by Chris Peckover (Undocumented) and written by Zack Kahn and Peckover.




  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Well fuck fuckin fuck this is fuckin edgy

    Awesome dialogue… :

    • david

      The movie is terrible. It’s not funny, nor is it scary. Watch it if you like, but watch it on-line for free. Don’t spend your hard earned money.

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        This looked kind of good at first, but sadly the more info I see about it the less interesting it looks. I’ll probably check it out on Netflix or something but my hopes aren’t high

        • david

          If you have a Firestick i would recommend that you use that to watch it when it comes out. I was so excited to watch the movie because I thought it was going to be an R rated version of Home Alone.

          • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

            Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought too! Home Alone with over the top violence. That concept alone would have been great. Why didn’t they just do that?

          • david

            If they would have made that movie it would’ve been awesome. Unfortunately the movie is nothing like Home Alone. I might watch it a second time to give it another chance, but I doubt that it’s going to change my opinion of the movie.

  • Kyle Cole

    This movie looks horrible, but I’ll most likely watch it to see if I end up liking it or not.

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