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This Terrifying Sea Monster Was Almost in ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Not that Kong: Skull Island necessarily needed more monsters, as it was loaded with awesome ones, but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts just shared a concept sketch for a creature that *almost* made it into the film… and goddamn, we kinda wish it did!

Here’s an unused creature design for Kong,” Vogt-Roberts tweeted. “There was a whole sequence written for this creepy guy from an early draft.”

The creepy drawing, which looks to be from artist Stephanie Levallois, shows an underwater sea creature lurking beneath a boat. It’s got massive spider-like legs that are breaching the surface of the water, and a face that I’m pretty sure its own mother couldn’t even love. True nightmare fuel, to say the very least.

In case you missed it, Vogt-Roberts also recently shared Skull Island concept art for an unused LSD dream sequence that likely would’ve been totally bonkers!




  • zombie84_41

    Looks like my ex.

  • J Jett

    that’s pretty awesome!

  • Pf Mahan

    Movie needed more creatures, when they were wading through the swamp a snake would have been good, the 2005 remake had more monsters

    • Lard

      Yeah don’t agree with the OP, I enjoyed this movie quite a lot but I was a little disappointed with the creatures, not a lot of them were shown. That’s something I loved about the 2005 version (oversized bugs frick me out)

  • Rohan

    Look s like the donger worm from the remake, but with legs.

  • HalesTales

    I love how it’s like a giant, scary shrimp. I would’ve loved to see it.

  • Brian Lennox-Smith

    What a freakin’ tease.

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