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This ‘Evil Dead’ Poster That Pays Tribute to ‘Doom’ is the Coolest

The Evil Dead is a hugely influential horror movie. Doom is a hugely influential game. Not surprisingly, mashing the two together results in something pretty awesome!

Deviant Art’s Pedro Sena (Lordigan) is responsible for this epic mash-up art, which presents The Evil Dead in the style of the original art for 1993’s Doom.

Rather than a space marine blasting away demons, Sena’s Evil Dead poster casts Ash Williams in the role of “Doomguy,” who is of course blasting away Deadites.

Armed with his chainsaw hand and trusty boomstick, Ash takes the fight to a legion of iconic Evil Dead characters, including Ed, Henrietta and even his evil self!



  • The chicken man

    Ha! Awesome. 🙂

  • zombie84_41

    can we buy this

  • That’s awesome, though this is more for the franchise in general than the original film.

  • MeeGhoulz

    Now how about a Ash vs Evil Dead game? I’ve played the Dreamcast Hail to the King game and heard good things about that PS2 era with the mini Ash deadite… Bethesda?

    • jsmoltz29

      Fist full of boomstick alone is worth the price of a used ps2. Seriously dude get it

      • MeeGhoulz

        That’s the one I mentioned? I got it but still didn’t played it. The other one of that era is atrocious, or so I’ve heard…

        • jsmoltz29

          Nah the one I’m talking about is the one before the one with the ted raimi voiced mini deadite. It was so amazing in its simplicity and at the time felt like the only new evil dead story we’d ever get. Plus the brilliant Bruce Campbell voice work. Super fun!

          • MeeGhoulz

            Gonna check some videos before hunting for it. But it sure helps that it comes recommended by a fan!

  • Saturn

    Wouldn’t Ash have a “doom-stick”?

  • sweetooth0

    Very cool, but doesn’t make much sense having Evil Ash in there if Ash is in it as well…shoulda used one of the possessed from part 1 maybe.

    • Martin Cann

      Well, it does feature Henrietta in both her forms so let’s just chalk this one up to ‘rule of cool’, shall we?

      • sweetooth0

        good catch, yeah rule of cool is acceptable to this clown!

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Ok now I want Evil Dead In Space. Or Ash VS Mars.

    • Saturn

      Well the comic book series did actually have Ash going into the future of space.

  • Demented Daniel

    Cool! Now my phone has some new wallpaper.

  • Joe Sanchez

    This is just cool! Love both franchises!
    Check out my fan art poster for ‘It’ and if you want a closer look just click here:

    • MaryMaria

      Awesome! I love the floating kids.

      • Joe Sanchez

        Thanks Mary!

    • Justin Anthony

      Great job, very badass.

      • Joe Sanchez

        Thank you very much!

  • Mercenary4Pizza

    chainsaw’s on the wrong hand…

    • Jérémy Kuprowski

      True, but it was probably done to reflect the Doom cover better.

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