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Don Mancini Discusses the Most Insane Kill Scene in ‘Cult of Chucky’

Obviously, if you haven’t seen Cult of Chucky, avoid this article until you do!

Now available on DVD/Blu-ray, VOD and Netflix, Don Mancini’s seventh franchise installment Cult of Chucky is a gory (and insane) good time, once again taking the series down some really fresh and interesting new paths. The asylum-set sequel is quite unlike any Chucky film we’ve ever seen before, and goddamn is it fun.

I recently tweeted that Cult of Chucky is home to a kill scene that will go down as one of the entire franchise’s most memorable, and I can only assume that anyone who has now seen the film is pretty sure which scene I was referring to. It involves a compressed oxygen tank. And a massive sheet of glass.

Strapped to a gurney, asylum patient Claire is approached by Chucky, who picks up the tank and slams it into the ground. The tank rockets through the air and shatters a glass window on the ceiling directly above Claire, which rains down on her in slow motion… brutally slicing her head clean off.

Sometimes I scare myself,” Chucky quips, as Claire’s severed head rolls to his feet and the snow from outside comes down into the room.

During a Facebook live chat today, Mancini talked about the weirdly beautiful kill scene, which plays out like something you’d see on “Hannibal” or in an Argento film.

Brian De Palma… Dario Argento… Lucio Fulci… those are the heroes of a certain strain of horror movie where they’re interested in exploring the weird, incongruous beauty of horror – which I love,” Mancini replied, when asked about the construction of the scene. “That was kind of our mission, not just with that sequence but with the whole movie. I love playing with that. That sequence in particular was really fun to plan.”

Mancini revealed that Claire’s kill scene was originally very different.

It’s interesting because that sequence, the details of it, changed a lot,” he continued. “In the first draft, Chucky causes the sprinkler system to come on and it drenches them… and then they go up in flames. And I quickly got that out of my system. It’s like, that’s gonna take too long and be too much of a pain in the ass. In another draft, Chucky goes to the closet and there’s this vial there that says ‘anti-coagulant.’ He goes, ‘Does that mean what I think it means?’ He injects her with it and she just bleeds out from every orifice. But then I realized… that’s like halfway through the movie, and the movie structurally needed a big exclamation point. So that’s why I decided to do the glass and the decapitation… the snow… it’s very operatic.”

Again, be sure to rent or buy Cult of Chucky, as the Netflix version is Rated!



  • Mr. Red Right Hand

    liked the film, however, most of the kills were sorta generic tbh

  • john clarke

    In my opinion, A scene in Bride had a similar concept and did it better.

  • McGilli

    Really liked the movie. Found the kills got better and better as the movie went on – funny enough the kill with the falling glass talked about in this article was not in the top 3 kills (for me) in this movie. Found it pretty, but generic.

    I guess you could say that kill was pretty generic 🙂

    • I thought visually this was the best best Kill, but I’d say the overall award goes to the face smash. I “almost” had to look away.

    • It was all style and no substance. Looked/was filmed excellently, but it was really unimaginative as a kill. All I could think of was the mirror ceiling/waterbed scene from Bride.

  • Necro

    Liked the film but the kill wasn’t all that. It was good and all, but the best……..meh.

  • jasonlives1986

    They already did a variation of that kill in bride.

    This movie was trash.

    Don is holding on like a has been aging basketball star. He never had the directorial talent to be helming major movies and now he doesn’t even have the budget to make a decent film.

    Please let someone else take a crack at it. Please.

    • Travis_Bickle


  • DaddyKo

    Wish the doctor got to see Chucky was alive before getting it, the male nurse dude I wanted to do more before biting it but it was a good death, the glass scene while I liked was a repeat. Chucky 8 make it so.

  • Rofair

    Like others have already said, they did basically the same thing in Bride so this kill wasn’t really anything special.

  • Travis_Bickle

    This movie was one huge callback to the other films. The ending sucked, the multiple dolls possessed by the same spirit is stupid. I thought it was going to be some cult that worships chucky as some kind of immortal creature. Instead I got a mediocre installment.

    • MulderIsBack

      SPOILERS: I didnt like the red herrings (the two redheads not turning out to be glen and glenda). That was a letdown. The multiple chucky dolls needed more explanation. Im tired of him changing the voodoo rules where in the first movie its a whole spell…now its just give me the power i beg of you. Some added tweaks to the plot and it would have been near on the best movie.

      • Travis_Bickle

        Totally agree. If you look back on the story, chucky could only possess the first person he tells his secret too. Then he started adding things like the amulet from Bride and this whole posses who I want crap, I get it was to further the story, but he failed pretty hard.

        • Bla Blah

          The amulet actually was in the very first movie and in no way goes against the established rules of the franchise….up until Cult.
          Chucky doesn’t need the amulet to poses Andy because Andy is the first person he revealed himself too. With Andy, Chucky is operating on a free system (no amulet) but also a timed one. He only has a certain period of which he can poses Andy.
          With the amulet he can possess anyone at anytime and Chucky is in possession of the amulet from Bride of chucky onward so it’s never really an issue. It only becomes an issue in curse when u see him possess the little girl. However Cult fixes this by establishing its a soul duplication spell.
          Liking it or not is irrelevant. The rules do make sense and I respect that.

          • Josh Nitsche

            The amulet isn’t in the first movie. So..yea.

          • Bla Blah

            Except the heart of damballa appears in a deleted scene, being used by the John the voodoo, presumably teaching the spell to Charles Lee Ray. I do admit my mistake in me saying that it was there. But my point is that, like all good fantasy, the established rules of the magic were there. The heart of damballa become a mcguffin in Bride but it’s existence was known from the start hence why I don’t see it as pulling something out of ones ass. Here is a screenshot of the scene in question wit the original design of the heart of damballa as it was supposed to appear in the first film. The man holding it is chuckys voodoo instructor.


            If I can find the script of the original film on my computer it may just have the scene in there as well.

          • Josh Nitsche

            Deleted scenes aren’t canon. Also, the amulet looks much different in his scepter than it does in Bride of Chucky. I’m going to go out on a limb and say “Heart of Dumbala” is never mentioned in the script for Child’s Play 1. Looks like it shrunk to a fraction of the size too.

          • Bla Blah

            That’s not my point. I’m saying the concept of the amulet being needed to power the spell was something the creators had come up with back in 1988. Way before they decided to revamp it in 1998. The concept of the amulet was always there when they decided to go the voodoo route (Don Mancinis original idea had no voodoo or magic)
            And yes. The scepter was the early design of the amulet. It was changed later on.

          • Josh Nitsche

            I hear a lot of claims, but no sources to back it up. I provided a quote from Don Mancini, the creator, who states he came up with the Heart of Dumballa to tell the road movie. He doesn’t mention the first film at all. For all we know, the production designer handed Dr. Death a scepter because it looked more authentic. I want to believe you because it’s been a plot hole since 4.

          • Bla Blah

            He gave the amulet thatvpurpose tonjustify the way the story was going for that movie.

            That is not in contradiction to what I said.

            The prop name for the scepter was “The Heart Of Damballa”.

          • Travis_Bickle

            The amulet is only mentioned in Bride and is never referenced again. He says the same thing to Tyler in part 3. He needs to posses the first person he tells(who is tyler) The rules started to become fuzzy after that. He says he found a new spell online in Cult. The soul duplication crap is silly and un-creative.

          • Bla Blah

            You are mistaking my explanation for approval. I’m nto saying whether or not I think it’s a good idea (it isn’t) I’m saying it does and can make sense.
            The duplication spell isn’t even that dumb when you consider how it operates. We are looking at it like multiple chuckles when in reality there is only one chucky (the stitched one) passing his influence into other bodies. You can kill those all you want but in order to kill ALL of them you gotta get the real chucky by attacking his heart. He can live as a decapitated head (as shown by the first chucky movie) even after the time period of turning human has passed. Once that heart is human you can kill him by killing it. Andy keeps his head alive to torture him. But anyway,
            Nothing you are saying is in contradiction to the idea of the amulet.
            To freely transfer ones soul without the amulet you must do sonto the first person you reveal yourself to (Andy, Tyler, then Damien). Chucky never does this because Andy always kills him and then he in turn kills Damien before even considering it.
            To transfer to ANYONE at ANY time you need the amulet.
            You can create copies of yourself but there will still only be one real you and if that does then they all die.
            Chucky has been using the duplication spell regardless of whether he has the amulet or not which he more than likely does.

          • Travis_Bickle

            You can’t just assume he’s using some amulet from 3 movies ago that is never referenced again. You are way over thinking the soul transfer spell. You’re just kinda running with your own narrative, so i’ll just let you do that. Have fun.

          • Bla Blah

            The name of the prop that was used in the 1988 film is literally called “The Heart Of Damballa”. It’s even seen painted on the voodoo mural in Johns Home. My point is that the concept of the item was present from the beginning. The role they gave it may have changed along with its appearance but we cannot factually say it’s soemthing they just thought of for Bride Of Chucky.
            I’m making sense of the voodoo spell transfer using content clues from the film. There has to be underlying logic to the way it works and that seems to be it.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Well, you should further research it…cuz it’s not mentioned until Bride. It does appear in Seed but in no other films.

        • MulderIsBack

          Mancini read these forums and take note…you need to explain how the rules were broken.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Part 8 – Army of Chucky

          • MulderIsBack

            Looks like thats where its heading. With this new rule he has introduced there will be a chucky pandemic due to the multiplier effect…and he doesnt even need to stay in dolls now.

            Reign of Chucky.
            Chucky vs Chucky.
            The Chucky Pandemic.
            Rise of the Planet of the Chuckies.
            Chucky World.
            Bible of Chucky.
            Apcolypse of Chucky.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Chucky vs The Army Of Darkness
            50 Shades of Chucky
            Chucky: Age Of Ultron

  • Papa_spoosh

    This movie was very funny and fun. I do think that chucky is too narcissistic to coexist with other chuckys… woulda been really fun to see the chuckies get angry with each other and battle it out to determine the “real” one. I don’t care that the rules are sort of out the window because that shit was shaky from the get go. It used to take him like 37 minutes to try to do his spell on Andy.

    • bee15

      that’s actually a great idea, a battle scene between Chuckys could have been great! 🙂 xx Bee ALSO , I TOTALLY thought the SAME THING about the time – he could never finish fully possessing Andy b/c something was always interfering or interrupting them but in this one, he’s possessing peeps left and right in 2 seconds – hahah!

  • Loved that death and it immidiately called to mind the work of Argento. I need the sequel to this movie ASAP.

    • Travis_Bickle


  • Kyle Cole

    This movie was actually pretty cool. It was bloodier than i expected it to be. Just the ending was sort of a letdown. And they didn’t have too much to do with the Andy character in it.

  • Dead-behavoir

    I would love to see a reboot of this film (Child’s Play) and not a low budget and without cheesy/ corny kills, that look ridiculous, Obviously have very few funny scenes, I would like to see a quick more clever psychotic killer doll that obviously not beyond ridiculous.

    • marklola12 .

      me too and don not have anything to do with it at all

  • Maxime C

    I don’t even understand why I keep getting excited about new Chucky movies.
    It gets worse and worse everytime. This one was hard to watch. I mean, visually. It was horrendous.
    And come on…it was a mess of a movie.

  • marklola12 .

    that scene was the only half decent thing in the movie, the rest is pure shit, I don’t know why he still gets funding for this crap, it needs a remake and him not have anything at all to do with it

  • tyler

    I watched an interview where Don Mancini said that Universal told him to keep Glen and Glenda out of this film. Big mistake. I was trying to figure out during half the movie which one is Glen and if Glen and Glenda are separate now, is Tiffany doing something behind the scenes, etc. So, it was just a big let down that they were all Chucky. It was a decent build up (even in a terrible, cheap atmosphere) that ended with a whispered “Oh ok, let’s see what’s on TV!” as the movie went off.

  • bee15

    wasn’t the best, but it did have some clever, classic elements, and it’s a true, a classic never goes out of style!

  • OldAsMyers

    I haven’t looked really hard, but so far I haven’t seen anybody mention this. Anyone else notice that Adam Hurtig (Malcolm) from Cult is also the same actor that played Officer Stanton in Curse?? Thinking it’s just a case of “We like working with this guy, lets’ give him a bigger part next time,” but it caught my eye nonetheless. Anyone else?

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