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‘Behind the Mask’ Gets Poster for 10th Anniversary Theatrical and VOD Release

We met a new horror icon ten years ago with Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, director Scott Glosserman’s deconstruction of slasher cinema that’s right up there with Scream in terms of overall brilliance. It’s not as widespread popular as Scream, however, which would explain why Leslie has never come back.

Unable to get funding for a sequel, Glosserman has instead brought Leslie back for the comic series Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon, now shipping to those who recently backed it on Go Fund Me.

Additionally, the original film is getting a 10th anniversary re-release!

Revealed on the back cover of the comic book, Behind the Mask‘s 10th Anniversary Edition will include a brand new audio commentary from Glosserman, and it’s soon headed to most online streaming services. If you’d rather see Leslie up on the big screen, you can captain your own screening through theatrical-on-demand service, Gathr.

Check out the 10th anniversary poster below!



  • Necro

    Not even close to being an icon! Most “iconic” Horror characters that I hear that word attached to have multiple films to their credit.

  • sliceanddice

    Always found this very overratted. Final girls was a more fun and interesting commentary on the slasher than this – think, anyway.

    • Josh Evans

      Final Girls WAS great, but I think both movies are charming in different ways. Personally love both movies!

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Whatever Necro, Leslie is the shit. Did you seriously not enjoy it? Why so salty?

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Sad they couldn’t get funding for a sequel. Especially with all the crap that does get made.

  • Jake Bartel

    Is it worth reporting without a date?

  • Patrick Curley

    The news about the sequel is such a bummer, I couldn’t care less about the comic or the rerelease.

  • The Angry Nihilist

    Yeah I dont’ care about the comic or the re-release either. :/ Give me a sequel.

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