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You Probably Missed This ‘Child’s Play’ Easter Egg in ‘Cult of Chucky’

Fan service is the name of the game in the Chucky franchise.

The most remarkable thing about both Curse of Chucky and now Cult of Chucky is that writer/director Don Mancini, who also created the franchise, managed to inject new life into the series both times while also continuing storylines and character arcs from all the previous films.

You probably remember that Mancini tied the events of Curse directly to the original Child’s Play, revisiting those original events and adding new layers to Charles Lee Ray’s origin story. Brad Dourif even reprised the role of Charles Lee Ray (in his human form) for Curse, which was a huge treat for longtime fans of the series.

So, does Charles Lee Ray appear in Cult of Chucky? Well, he actually does!

At one point in the film, Nica Pierce (played by Fiona Dourif) has a nightmare sequence wherein she imagines a MASSIVE version of Chucky standing over her, wielding an equally massive knife. What you may not have noticed is that a familiar face is reflected in Chucky’s super-sized blade: the face of Fiona’s father, Brad Dourif!

Mancini cleverly inserted a shot from the opening scene of Child’s Play, wherein Charles Lee Ray is gunned down, onto the blade as a fun callback to where it all began!

Thanks to Kim Faul for spotting this little Easter egg.



  • Frankie Ramos

    Had not noticed that before, thanks for pointing that out!

  • I hadn’t noticed that. I just watched Cult of Chucky this morning, and it was great. It was very twisty, surreal, and original for this franchise. Three movies in, Don Mancini has finally mastered film-directing. Seed of Chucky was awful and, as much as I like Curse of Chucky, there were some very amateurish directing choices (an example being the carwreck scene below). Ultimately, Cult has to be my favourite of the sequels.

    • Necro

      Did you see the after credits scene? If so, your thoughts please…

      • Yeah, I watch the unrated version. [Spoiler] The actress who plays Kyle looks so much different since 1990. I didn’t recognise her at first. For a second, I thought she might actually have been the girl from the military school in Child’s Play 3, until I realised that Kyle was the foster child in the second film.

  • My ranking –
    The Bad:
    7. Seed of Chucky
    6. Child’s Play 3

    The mediocre:
    5. Bride of Chucky

    The Good:
    4. Child’s Play 2
    3. Curse of Chucky
    2. Cult of Chucky
    1. Child’s Play (1988)

    • Necro

      Wow you got ‘Cult’ at #2! It was good though!

    • MulderIsBack

      Bride has always been my personal fave. I cannot order them like you have though. Tastes change often, but i will often turn to bride.

      • I can see the appeal of it. It certainly has style and I enjoyed the self-referential humour, as well as the horror aspect of it. My only issue though is everything else, such as the human stuff. That is why the whole doesn’t really work for me.

        It might just be the director, though. Ronny Yu also directed Freddy vs. Jason, which I mostly enjoyed. But while the stuff with Freddy and Jason, and the kills were great, the human aspect and the drama were the worst part of that film as well.

    • jasonlives1986

      How old are you dark knight

      • ????

        • jasonlives1986

          A childish opinion and I was curious if there was a reason for it.

          • Says the guy insulting me for my opinion…

          • jasonlives1986

            I’m not insulting.

            Just disagreeing.

          • I could do a analysis of my ranking, but it be a rather lengthy comment (as I would be reviewing each film, essentially).

          • jasonlives1986

            I just noticed you said cult was your number 2 in the series and also just watched it this morning.

            Besides the fact that I disagree with that it’s also quite hasty to make that decision.

            For the purpose of being transparent. Here is my order


          • Maelwolf

            Yeah kind of bizarre to call your opinion about your preference in Child’s Play ‘childish’. Some people just can’t handle others enjoying something they do not.

  • So far – IT, Victor Crowley, and Cult of Chucky were all great. Next up for me are Leatherface (next week) and Jigsaw.


      Leatherface wasn’t that good

    • Well, I saw Leatherface. Sadly, that one was a major disappointment.

  • I did actually notice this but didn’t really register how cool it was until looking back at it. Nice little detail

  • Necro

    Yeah that was very cool!

  • jasonlives1986

    Jesus this movie sucked.

    Look at that picture and tell me that isn’t jumping the shark

    • Reason

      I agree. I didn’t get the hype at ALL! Terrible movie. It was like watching high school kids try to act.

  • Kyle Ord

    Yes i actually did notice that

    Great detail

  • Maelwolf

    Great catch, didn’t notice it myself. What a blast of a film though. I’d say Curse was a more effective horror film, but in terms of building on the mythos, Cult was excellent and definitely exceeded my expectations.

    • Necro

      Did you see the after credits scene?

      • Maelwolf

        I actually hadn’t, I don’t know how I missed it either as I watched until the credits ended and went back to the DVD menu. Went back though, nice! Thanks for the heads up.

        • Necro

          You’re Welcome!

  • Black Candy

    This movie is cool for me, i can’t understand fan-haters comments. Chucky is half horror, half thriller, half surreal and half comedic. Thanks God there are people like Mancini that forgot audience and all that shit things to make boring movies with the same old story over and over.

    • FJQZ

      You need to go back to take basic math.

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