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This Michael Myers Teddy Bear Wants to Slash Its Way into Your Heart

Now where can we get a Dr. Loomis bear to fight this one off?

We’ve profiled the work of artist Lee Howard a few times in the recent past. Lee is the man behind Quiet Room Bears, which has been his playground for turning cute and cuddly teddy bears into grotesque monstrosities since 2001.

Recently, Howard created “one of a kind, individually numbered horror art bears” based on Stephen King’s ITBlack Christmas and Hellraiser.

Howard’s latest creation, fitting given the time of the year, brings the Halloween franchise’s big bad into the Quiet Room Bears line. Measuring 28″ from head to toe, this badass Michael Myers bear has a kitchen knife for a hand and a light up jack-o’lantern embedded in its stomach, carved in the iconic Halloween style.

The Myers bear is now up for grabs in Howard’s eBay shop.




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