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‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ Gets an Early 2018 Date

Horror Sequels

Filming wrapped just a few months back on a follow-up to Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers, which was originally revealed to simply be titled Strangers. But we’ve learned tonight that the film now has a new title, along with a release date.

Aviron Pictures will release Strangers: Prey at Night on March 9, 2018.

In the film, which aims to hit the reboot button…

“A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive.”

Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Lewis Pullman and Martin Henderson star, with Emma Bellomy as DOLLFACE, Lea Enslin as PIN-UP GIRL, and Damian Maffei as the MAN IN THE MASK.

Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) directed. Bertino and Ben Ketai wrote the script.



  • I’m just gonna say it, I hate the title. “Strangers” could have sailed the film off as an iconic sequel just like “Alien” to “Aliens” but oh well at least it’s sorta campy. Also the plot sounds a little burned to the ground, reminds me of like Kidnapped or that terrible Hangman movie. But hopefully it wont be that bad.

    • theundead

      You’re whining over a title Lord have mercy

  • Koalafications

    First official still from the movie –

    • Tony Harley

      this looks like a photoshopped stock image lol

      • Brett Lovejoy

        Right? It looks so damn fake.

        • Brett Janovich

          The pic is actually real its not fake its 100% real

      • Brett Janovich

        It’s not photoshopped dude its an official still I seen the pic on official pages and imdb and everywhere its real not fake

    • Brad Tyler

      That’s so fake. The light is coming from a different direction on the masked woman and she’d be out of focus like the grass she’s standing on

      • Brett Janovich

        Actually it’s real not fake nor photoshopped so stop

  • Tiger Quinn

    Prey at night? Gag, that’s really bad.

    • Brett Janovich

      The reason why its called that is cuz the strangers the masked killers do preybat night if you’ve seen the first one

  • kevinhorror

    Why are you saying the film hits the reboot button? Is this not just a direct sequel?

    • Nick Botic

      It’s a “sequel” in that it has the same three killers, but as far as I know it has nothing to do with Liv Tyler or Scott Speedman’s characters; that story is done.

  • dukeblues

    The Strangers is easily in the top three horror films in the last 15 years. That being said, I hate the title. It should just be the Strangers 2.

  • What a fucking shit title. I smell a DTV release…

  • Alanmac

    This is LONG overdue. Horrible title but I’m still excited to finally see a release date.

  • Batcat

    The Strangers was just an exercise in dumb character behavior and telegraphed events that lead to an inevitable and cynical conclusion. It does not stand up to repeat viewings. A sequel is a just a cash grab with the same old tired shtick of some white bread family being stalked by psychopaths for 90 minutes. We’ve been here already.

    • Nick Botic

      A cash grab would have been to have a Strangers 2 come out the following year. And bad characters notwithstanding, Strangers was a decently made film that was more an exercise in atmosphere than anything else.

      • Romantic Placebo

        Stephen King himself pointed out that it was one of the leanest horror films he’d seen in a while, and I would completely be good with watching it again with new people just because I think it would put them on edge unlike SAW or The VVItch.

        • Nick Botic

          Absolutely. I watch The Strangers every so often because it was just such a tense film. And I certainly recommend it to those who haven’t seen it, because it really is a master class in tension building. And while I’m normally a person that looks very much forward to sequels, remakes and reboots (regardless of what franchise, I just enjoy seeing new installments of anything), and one who reserves judgement until I’ve actually seen it (unlike so many horror fans), this is one that I do have a certain degree of worry for, simply because the original did so much with so little, and the fact that it was such a simple concept and execution made it as great as it was; I feel like doing the same story on a bigger scale will be detrimental. Likewise with the Saw films. While I enjoy the whole franchise (with the exception of 5 and 7, and even those I enjoy simply because of how awful they are haha). But the first Saw (2004) was incredible, and the lion’s share of the film took place in one room. It was a simple concept with a simple execution, and while II and III certainly widened the scope, further installments seemed to get too big for itself, if that makes sense.

          But nonetheless, I’m gonna put my hope in Johannes Roberts, he did a decent job with 47 Meters Down. Time will tell!

          Also, not a fan of the title. Haha

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