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Corey Feldman Lays Out Idea for His Return to the ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise

With the recent news that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to Halloween and Linda Hamilton is coming back to Terminator, it would seem that more and more franchises are making the smart decision to hit the reboot button while also returning to the original storylines that made us all fall in love with them in the first place.

If there’s any one iconic figure in the Friday the 13th franchise, other than Jason Voorhees, it’s of course Tommy Jarvis. Could he be the next to make a grand return?

Over the years, The Final Chapter star Corey Feldman has time and time again expressed a desire to bring back Tommy Jarvis proper – the character of course returned in the subsequent two films, played by different actors in each one – and in a new chat with Yahoo (via Movie Web), he laid out his idea for making that happen.

In short, he envisions his return as the Friday franchise’s version of Halloween H20.

I’ve long had this vision of doing our own kind of H20. Which I thought would be great,” Feldman told the site. “Everyone seems to have this huge crush on the Tommy Jarvis character. People really got, I don’t know, into the concept about where Tommy is going. They tried to bring him back with three different movies. And every single one never panned out the right way. And yeah, that’s because it’s not Tommy Jarvis, it’s a guy playing Tommy Jarvis. But let’s get back to the roots. Same thing they did with H20.”

Feldman continued, “What would have happened if all those other movies were just some kind of bad nightmare? And the reality is that we last saw Tommy in the hospital room with his sister, and we think Jason is dead. You want to bring him back from that point, and continue the story thirty years later. Oh, my god, he still exists! That’s the movie I think everyone wants to see.”

According to Feldman, he once pitched this very idea to New Line.

We actually got as far as the writer, great guy, he was on board, and he really wanted to do this. He was excited,” Feldman recalled. “Barney Cohen, he was the original writer from Part 4. He wanted to come back. His concept was, if you’re really going to do this, who else would you bring back? And I said, ‘You have to go to Frank Mancuso, and get him back in the game.’ As you know, he left the franchise years ago. And I think we should talk to Joe Zito, and get the original crew back together, and do it the right way. That was an idea we were floating.”

Ultimately, Platinum Dunes got hold of the franchise and decided to do a full-on reboot of the saga, resulting in the 2009 remake of the Friday the 13th series.

At the end of the day, I don’t think fans were too gung-ho about that,” noted Feldman.



  • oh_riginal

    Poor guy. I enjoyed his work when he was bankable. I actually liked him in The Lost Boys 3 (part 2 was just bland), and if he was able to be Tommy Jarvis again, I’d give it a shot.

    But he’ll never have the popularity he had as a kid, and you can tell he wants to once again be successful oh so bad. Honestly, aside from some weirdness, I don’t think I ever heard anything bad about him. Just a victim of being a kid in Hollywood.

    • Saturn

      I’d be willing to watch a Jason movie with Cory returning to the Jarvis house……

  • Rohan

    How about him being like, the harbinger and the Ahab of the next movie. He runs a gas station or something near CCL and when the dipshits start getting slaughtered and call for help, he comes in with a stockpile of weapons and puts him down again. I had a whole idea where he brings a bunch of the survivor series from the other films back in a huge battle, which ends with Alice jumping out of the lake and dragging him to the bottom. That would be pretty sick.

    • Creepshow

      The only thing I’d change is, I’d make Tommy the town barber. I mean, anyone who can shave their shaggy melon in 30 seconds with a disposable razor, will have a bright future in that field of work.

      • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

        my son saw part 4 for the first time a few weeks ago, and said the exact same thing.
        “forget special effects, he should be training to be a barber!”

      • MeeGhoulz

        They should bring kid Tommy (shaved head) to the game!

    • Saturn

      Adrienne King also had the idea of a bunch of survivors coming together.
      Now, if she couldn’t get it done……

      It could be possible to bring Alice back – just make her “death” scene in Jason 2 be just a nightmare.

      It would be interesting to see Alice and Ginny together – returning to Camp Crystal Lake, under the instructions of the psychiatrist, to put the memories of a long dead Jason to rest.
      But of course, their return awakens Jason from his long slumber……

      • Rohan

        How about this: Counselors run out of the house because Jason is chasing them, then a jeep pulls up, and you’re thinking ‘oh no’ it’s like Pamela, but no! It’s Tommy J! Tommy J pulls out a gun and is like ‘get some’ and shoots Jason, then does a machete battle, which Jason wins, and when Jason is about to kill Tommy, the chain around his neck flys backwards and strangles him, and then it pans over to see the psychic chick pullin his chain with her psychic powers. Next to psychic chick is all the other survivors, and a huge epic battle commences where some of the survivors are killed, and Tommy attaches Jason’s chain to a motorboat and takes off into the lake, and when Jason is about to jump up and grab Tommy, Alice comes up and grabs him, pulling him and the boat under with her, and just when you think ‘oh no what about Tommy!?’ Tommy swims ashore with Jason’s mask and is like ‘I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again, and everyone is happy the end.

        • Saturn

          But we all know that it wouldn’t be the end……..

          Oh, and when did Tommy turn into Ash?


          • Rohan

            Tommy is a lot like Ash. Both are insane, both fight evil, and both wear blue. Ash is just funnier.

          • Saturn

            But, Ash never worked on the docks.

  • Christopher Alan

    I would love to see Thom Matthews continue the Tommy Jarvis character. Don’t know about the H20 idea by Feldman but it could work with the right writers I suppose. Thom is already kicking ass in the game so I imagine the fans would prefer the next film with him

    • MrX13

      I did like Mathew’s Tommy over the others. I get the storyline with him and Mathews was great as the older Tommy. Feldman now, playing Tommy just wouldn’t go right but should Mathews return, I’m on board with that.

  • Kyle Ord

    I loved the remake.

    Just a bunch of kids in the woods getting killed

    That’s all I want from a Friday the 13th movie

    • MrX13

      Same here, I loved it. I liked how Jason looked more tough and rugged and quick

      • J Jett

        Kyle & MrX13, i agree! 🙂

    • Darnell

      Agreed..I watch the remake all the time. It’s one of my favorite in the franchise.

      The only complaint is the first set of kids were better than the second set.

      But then again we wouldn’t have got the “you got perfect nipple placement” line without the second set of kids.

      That movie was awesome!

  • MrX13

    I get where Feldman is coming from but for some reason I just don’t seem him being Tommy again. Thom Mathews was awesome as the older Tommy but I just can’t picture Feldman going up against Jason again.

  • Noah Holt

    Ugh…how about Feldman give up. Hollywood doesn’t want to work with him any more, even as stunt casting.

  • Necro

    I appreciate his vision as a fan, but it just wouldn’t work. The whole ‘H20’ thing just doesn’t work in this franchise, well maybe with the right writers they could maybe pull it off. But Thom as the older ‘Jarvis’ was great. Corey just wouldn’t have that same impact he once did. Sorry Corey you already made your comeback, only it was in ‘The Lost Boys’ franchise!

    • The chicken man

      Agreed. Thom will always be the ultimate Tommy Jarvis.

  • Cory Smith

    “They tried to bring him back with three different movies. And every single one never panned out the right way. And yeah, that’s because it’s not Tommy Jarvis, it’s a guy playing Tommy Jarvis. Butlet’s get back to the roots. Same thing they did with H20.”
    I’m sorry Feldman but be real with yourself by shutting the fuck up and getting some professional help with the way how you looked on Today because there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen since we have Thom Matthews who is a badass adult Tommy Jarvis and has made a great comeback with the game. Not only that but Jason Lives was a moderate box office success at the time so how the hell did that “never panned out the right way.”

    • Darnell

      It’s also the highest rated Friday film from a critical reception standpoint.

      Corey is nuts. No one wants to see him. He can’t even act anymore and he looks a mess.

  • kevinhorror

    This sites writers really need to learn the definition of a reboot.

  • Khy

    Sweet! And Maybe we can have Tommy be a delusional druggy hungry for a paycheck!

    Oh sorry…this isn’t a biography. Fuck off you talentless git.

  • EvilHead1981

    I only liked him as kid Tommy. Thom will always be adult Tommy to me.

    Though, I wouldn’t be against Corey being in Gremlins 3 as a grown up version of the kid he was in the first movie. Now owns the Christmas tree lot during the holiday season, and works as a used car salesman in Kingston Falls. Maybe have Billy return to Kingston Falls for some reason with Gizmo and Corey’s character, though knowing full well happened last time, try to steal Gizmo to create more Mogwai so he could profit off them, someone feeds them after midnight, and BOOM, second coming of Gremlins vs Kingston Falls.

  • J Jett

    i don’t even like F13 part 6 but i definitely like Thom Matthews and would only want him to (if they MUST bring the character back) reprise the Tommy role.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Normally everything Corey says and does makes me shake my head and laugh, but this, I am totally on board with. Getting The Final Chapter crew back together and continuing the story from there would be fantastic. I mean shit, I’d much rather see that than a stupid found footage film or Jason in the snow. Just don’t let Tommy try to dance like MJ!

  • Nelson Torres

    More importantly they have to get Sean Cunningham and Horror, Inc. the rights holders on board. I know Sean has turned this idea down in the past. Frank Mancuso and Joe Zito? Why?

  • Bringing Tommy Jarvis back would be great for the next film, as it is the thirteenth film in the franchise. I never thought about doing a direct sequel to The Final Chapter, but it could work. It might be ill-advised though, since Jason Lives already ignored A New Beginning as a sequel to The Final Chapter. It should also be noted that Jason would still have to be an undead killer to come back, as with the previous sequels to Final Chapter (where he was definitely killed off).

    • Darnell

      How did Jason Lives ignore the previous movie? It came on with Tommy having escape from the mental institution. I am assuming he was there because he attacked Pam in New Beginning.

      They didn’t refer to the copycat killer because well he wasn’t Jason.

      • It opened with Tommy escaping from a mental institution. Largely, everything that happened and was set-up in A New Beginning was ignored. They didn’t even get the same actor for Tommy Jarvis.

        • Darnell

          This makes no sense. In part 5 Tommy has spent time in a mental institution. He then transfered to the group home.

          In part 6 it starts with him escaping the institution. The institution is a direct link to the previous film.

          Part 6 didn’t ignore anything about part 5. It just didn’t mention much of it because there was no need to.

          Even at the grave yard in part 6 the flash back of Trish screaming Tommy and how he went nuts and started stabbing Jason in the coffin was a direct call back to part five. In that film Tommy also we’re having the same flash backs. That scene again was a direct pull from part five showing that he was still suffering PTSD.

          JASON LIVES was not a H20 type film. It didn’t ignore the previous film it just didn’t mention much from it because there was no need to. The guy in the fifth film was not Jason. He was just some regular dude.

          • You’re reaching, my friend. A mental institution and PTSD are natural consequences of surviving and murdering Jason Voorhees. Besides that, what other “direct connections” are there? The events of A New Beginning had zero impact on the other sequels, and Tommy Jarvis’ entire characterisation was retconned in Jason Lives. They didn’t even address the cliffhanger, where Tommy is implied to be the next killer and he’s played by a completely different actor.

            Besides, Friday the 13th isn’t exactly known for its solid continuity. Jason Lives was intended to be course correction.

          • Darnell

            They addressed the cliffhanger by letting you know that Tommy had spent the next ten years in a mental institution.

            In no way did they retcon part Five. The PTSD from part five is a central focus in the early portion of part Six.

            I guess we can just agree to disagree. Him being played by a different actor doesn’t mean anything as they wanted to move the next movie years later which required a new actor.

            The movie came out a year after part 5. I mean 17-20 years pass between parts 4-6 yet they all filled within 2 1/2 years of each other.

          • Tan Shearer

            I think it left it ambiguous for the viewer to decide. It didn’t explicitly say Part 5 never happened and it also didn’t explicitly say Part 5 did happen. Like Darnell said Part 5 was just never referenced.

          • Good point. What I was mainly trying to say was that A New Beginning isn’t essential viewing for the subsequent sequels.

    • Tan Shearer

      If they did want to bring Tommy Jarvis back they would likely ask Thom Mathews or even John Shepherd before they ask Corey. Thom is definitely the fan’s favorite Tommy and they would want him back. Plus it would be kind of confusing as Corey doesn’t fit the look of the adult Tommy. John and Thom look pretty similar but Corey looks completely different.

  • turk

    I think you could have summed up this article with: “Corey Feldman is begging for a job.”

  • ShadowInc

    It would have been great if Corey’s ASCENSION MILLENNIUM video had ended with Jason crashing through a wall, and then, squeezing Feldman’s head until it popped.

  • Shawn Morrissey

    The smart decision to hit the reboot button?

  • dukeblues

    Great idea except he is not exactly much of actor now, IMO. As a kid he was great though. It would not help the movie to be taken seriously.

  • Travis Ignaffo

    Feldman is cool all respect due as a actor but he kinda needs to wake up and see that his big screen time is over.

    • Tan Shearer

      Plus he may have had a point bashing Part 5 but Part 6 is considered to be one of the best in the series. Though I do love Part 5.

  • Alanmac

    I think Feldman is probably up for ANY role at this point. He never grew up for some reason. Seems to be constantly clinging to his youth in his attempts at staying relevant.

  • Jeans Wilder

    The only child actor to actually make a comeback as an adult that I can think of would be Jack Earle Haley. He was a great Freddy Kruger, great actor all around. Feldman just doesn’t have it anymore. Wanted to like the new Lost Boys movie he did awhile back but idk. Like @ @disqus_bl9pny12j3:disqus said, he just never grew up.

    • Tan Shearer

      I’m fine with him going back to acting if that means he’ll stop making music XD.

  • Tan Shearer

    You’re talking shit Corey. Part 6 is considered to be one of the best of the series. Fans are also starting to grow on Part 5 as well. But no of course only your Tommy was good. -_-

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