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Rob Zombie Reveals 5 Horror Movies He’s Been Watching for Halloween

Here’s what has been playing in the Zombie household this month!

Rob Zombie has made no shortage of horror movies that make for perfect viewing in October, including (of course) his Halloween and Halloween 2, along with the Halloween-set House of 1000 Corpses, sequel The Devil’s Rejects and the seasonally atmospheric Lords of Salem.

But what does Zombie himself like to watch on the road to Halloween?

Over on Instagram, Zombie just posted a photo collage of five classic horror movies he and wife Sheri Moon have been watching in their home as Halloween approaches.

Recent Halloween viewings in the Zombie house. I’m sure you all recognize,” Zombie captioned the collage, which includes images of Blacula (1972), Cat People (1982), Curse of Frankenstein (1957), The Resurrected (1991) and Son of Dracula (1943)!

Recent Halloween viewings in the Zombie house. I’m sure you all recognize. #robzombie #sherimoonzombie #zombiehouse #halloween

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  • dukeblues

    If you guys wanna watch a movie that scared the Sh*t out of me as a kid, watch Terror of Frankenstein. Still gives me goosebumps. But these 5 are not bad either.

    • Cappy Tally

      The one with the late Per Oscarsson as the Monster? I love that one! Mad respect for acknowledging it. It’s not talked about nearly as much as it should be, IMO.

      • dukeblues

        Yes that’s the one. The scene where he kills Victor’s little brother gave me nightmares for weeks.

  • I just watched Curse of Frankenstein on TCM, and I have owned Son of Dracula on DVD for several years now as part of my Universal Monsters collection. Curse was great, but I wish Son of Dracula made it explicit as to whether or not Alucard is actually Dracula’s son or Dracula himself (this debate has raged for decades). I also thought that Lon Chaney Jr. was miscast as Dracula/Alucard, and I’m still scratching my head as to why Bela Lugosi didn’t return in any of the sequels.

    • Saturn

      Well, it’s called Son Of Dracula for a reason…..

      • Yeah, but the film itself gave no indication or reference that he’s Dracula’s son. In fact, the twist is that Alucard is (in the words of the characters) “Dracula himself!” … But the film, for some reason, is called Son of Dracula. This is why there is a debate.

        • Cappy Tally

          I heard a theory once that Universal’s Dracula films actually depict an entire Dracula family, with the men all going by the name “Dracula” at some point. There’s Lugosi’s Dracula, the family patriarch, there’s Dracula’s Daughter, there’s Alucard (who is the son of Bela’s character), and there’s the John Carradine Dracula, who is some other relative in the family line. It’s really only an attempt to make sense of the franchise’s glaring continuity issues, and it may not even hold up for all I know, but it’s a fun thought nonetheless.

          • Yeah, I’ve thought about that. It would make sense, considering that in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, they refer to Bela Lugosi’s character as “The original Count Dracula”, which would either imply a lineage or that the characters broke the fourth wall.

          • Cappy Tally

            I like that theory because it just sparks my imagination, makes me wonder about things. Who else is in this family? How do they interact with one another? There’s just a lot of untapped potential there, like there is with the entire Universal Monster franchise. It’s sad that Universal didn’t have the imagination to explore the idea, and it’s sad that they probably never will, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it.

          • kryptosapien38
          • Cappy Tally

            Couple extras in there but I can’t complain. Neat!

        • Saturn

          To me there is no debate.
          He inherited the name Dracula from his father.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      Alucard is Dr. Acula’s receptionist.

  • Alanmac

    Good list. It doesn’t have any Rob Zombie movies on it.

    • sliceanddice

      i loled

    • IBelievePhonies

      Or his wife.

    • dukeblues

      Zombie’s Halloweens are underrated. Still watch them all the time….

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    He’s a fan of The Resurrected? Cool!

  • Rob Zombie, eh? Boy I’ve got a HACKing cough today. My favorite pro wrestler was HACKsaw Jim Duggan. I wish I could HACK into an ATM and get money…

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