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Fairuza Balk Wants You to Know That She Was Never Actually a Witch

The Craft

She played one in The Craft, but now she wants to clear up some rumors.

Actress Fairuza Balk is undoubtedly most known for her show-stealing performance as Nancy Downs in 1996’s The Craft, a role that nabbed her a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actress. In fact, Balk was so good as the witchcraft-practicing teen that many still believe to this day that she actually is a witch in real life!

Balk set the record straight in a chat with EW, detailing her connection to an occult shop in the ’90s that furthered the rumors that she was practicing witchcraft at the time.

The true story is I found this occult shop in L.A. and I used to go there to ask them questions and do my research,” Balk explained. “They were really lovely people. [The woman who owned it] wanted to retire. She couldn’t put the kind of money into it that it needed to keep it up and so it was going to be turned into a Chinese restaurant. I thought for the oldest occult shop in the country, that’s a tragedy. There was a man that used to work there and he had an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject and he was a sort of a teacher to me during [The Craft]. I thought, what a shame this is going to be turned into a Chinese restaurant. So I bought it and put some work into it and helped it survive.”

But people of course were like, ‘She bought an occult shop and she’s fully into this and it’s all real.’ That has taken on its entire own mythology that’s essentially out of my hands,” Balk continued. “You can tell the truth and talk to people but they want to believe what they want to believe. What can you do? I’m not involved with that shop anymore. It was a very long time ago.”




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