FX Guru Robert Hall is Back with ‘6 Records’

FX Master Robert Hall, who directed the awesome Lightning Bug (Anchor Bay will be releasing), will be teaming up with the stars of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser for his second feature film 6 Records. His next film will be 100% horror was co-written by Ashley Laurence of Hellraiser! Read on for the full story…
Director Robert Hall will follow up his directing debut “Lightning Bug” with the horror film entitled “6 Records” from a script he co-wrote with Ashley Laurence (Star of Hellraiser, Lightning Bug). This is the first time Laurence has tried her hand at writing although she maintains a 15 year career in acting and is a fine artist (www.ashleylaurence.com).

The script centers around a washed up singer who begins a mysterious and frightening journey to redemption through searching for hidden backward messages in record albums.

The film will lens in Los Angeles in the fall. Almost Human will be handling the makeup effects, and some exciting casting news to follow.