NECA Unloads HUGE News on Ho-tep and Phantasm Lines

It’s no secret anymore that NECA will be releasing a Tallman (Phantasm) and Ho-tep (Bubba Ho-tep) action figure later this year and next year as part of their Cult Classics toy line. But what wasn’t announced was that NECA has acquired the master license, which means they can make ANYTHING they want. Cups, books, replicas, shot glasses, key chains, shirts- you name it. Here’s their statement, “NECA/Reel Toys is proud to announce the acquisition of adding Phantasm and Bubba Ho-tep to our rosters, as we are now the Master Licensor for these great films. With Phantasm figures and products hitting this fall and Bubba Ho-tep figures and other items set for release in early 2006.”

Source: NECA