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A New ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Game Appears on Steam For Free

I know there are those that are disappointed that the sixth Five Nights At Freddy’s game was cancelled back in July, and there are those who are enjoying the VR remake as it churns along. Personally, it’s not my thing. However, fans have something to smile about today.

On Steam, series creator Scott Cawthon has released Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator for free. Described as “a fun Five Nights at Freddy’s adventure with a lighter touch for the holidays”, the game apparently is your traditional 2D action game. However, according to some Steam reviewers, there’s more to this game than what it initially appears. Some are saying that this is actually the previously-cancelled Five Nights At Freddy’s 6. Given that most of these reviews have clocked in around 90 minutes of playtime, things must get going quickly.

As mentioned, the game is on Steam for free at the moment, so there’s really nothing stopping you from playing it, and discovering for yourself what’s really going on.



  • Jay Bennett

    The first was a fine low budget horror game you could play once with friends or for lets players, how it has 5 sequels and a movie in the works is beyond me

    • Collin

      Because like most horror franchises it started off as a self contained story before it was unexpectedly popular, which lead to the demand for more sequels

  • Collin

    Tha k god this franchise is still kicking, I was worried kids might have to find an actually good horror game to play

  • Rohan

    This new one is good. You make your own pizzeria and have to survive the day as animatronics you salvage come after you. Much more depth than the others, and it’s free, which is pretty cool.

  • Brian McNatt

    I can only respect the guts of a creator so devoted to keeping the sixth installment a secret that they don’t even make money off it.

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