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More Info Revealed About ‘The Last Of Us Part II’

After the beautiful but brutal trailer last month, I can’t be the only one curious as to what the deal is with The Last Of Us Part II. Well, developers Naughty Dog got the floor at this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience to dish out more info on the game.

For starters, the game is only 50-60% complete, meaning we’ll probably see the game at the end of 2018. According to director and writer Neil Druckmann, the story for The Last Of Us Part II will be darker than the previous game, with shades of gray mixed in with the good and bad. Druckmann added that because of the darker tone, “no one is safe, not even [Joel or Ellie].”

Druckmann was also joined by co-writer Halley Gross (who is also the writer for HBO’s Westworld). Gross refers to the project as a “daunting experience,” but also a collaborative environment. Druckmann elaborated, saying Gross provided some “awesome ideas” for the story, including a situation involving Halley.

Lastly, when it came to when fans would get their hands on some new footage of the game, Druckmann confirmed that footage will be shown at E3 2018.



  • So hyped for this.

  • Dylan Summers

    It’s not really going to be that unpredictable is it? They’re not going to kill off Ellie. Now she’s older they might really allow her to get the $!%@ kicked out of her but she’s going to be the final girl without a doubt. Joel on the other hand. He’s definitely a goner. Taking the time gaps in between his character will be approaching or just entering his 60’s.

  • AdamX

    This is my 2018 front of the line game kind of like Arkham Knight was in 15, hopefully this one doesn’t have 12 hours of tank battles.

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