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Crush Nazis in the New ‘Wolfenstein II’ DLC Trailer

Last month, Bethesda unveiled their roadmap for The Freedom Chronicles, the three-chapter DLC for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Well, the first chapter has officially arrived with “The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe”, complete with trailer. As we mentioned last month, if you bought the Season Pass or the pre-order of the game, you got a taste of Joseph Stallion with Episode Zero. Now, you get the full meal on PC, PlayStation 4 or XBox One.

In “The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe”, Joseph Stallion is a former professional quarterback who is now forced by the Nazis to play soccer. Of course, Stallion isn’t about to take that lying down. Armed with his Ram Shackle ability that blows through enemies, Joe is on a mission to wipe out Nazi from the ruins of Chicago, all the way into outer space.

Clocking in at around 4GB, the DLC by itself is $10USD. If you want the season pass, that will set you back $25USD, but also includes Episode Zero. The next DLC, “The Diaries of Agent Silent Death”, drops January 30th.



  • Black Panther

    Looks like fun! I haven’t played the new Wolfenstein yet but I might get the game some time soon. Still hoping for a DLC where you fight Trump and the alt-right … 😉

    • Collin

      Id be amazed if there wasn’t some kind of stand in at some point

    • turk

      Remember the days when killing Nazis was a non-partisan activity?

      • Black Panther

        Yeah…Sadly, that ended with Donny and his followers associating with Nazis…

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