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‘Doom’ mod Brutal Doom Receives Public Test Update

Many longtime fans of the original Doom know about Sergeant_Mark_IV’s mod, Brutal Doom. Quite possibly the most definitive gameplay enhancement mod around, Brutal Doom is still going strong since its debut in 2012, and improving with each iteration. Seriously, if you haven’t played with this mod, you’re missing out. I mean, it’s friggin’ free to use!

Shilling aside, Sergeant_Mark_IV yesterday gave an update on the public test version of Brutal Doom v21. It’s not the completed version (which will probably be released after Christmas), but there’s already tons of new and enhanced features for guns, gore, enemies and even the maps. Ever wanted to rip out a Cacodemon’s eye and throw it at enemies? How about giving your rocket launcher a 3x zoom with a night scope? What about the ability to grab a zombie soldier and fling him across the room? You can with this update.

In addition, Brutal Doom is also up for Moddb’s Mod of the Year awards. If you’re a fan of the mod, consider voting. Rip and tear to your heart’s content!



  • Doctor Dementor


  • zombie84_41

    now if only rockstar werent dickbags and gave the people who do cool ass mods on gta the right to use them

    • gjk2012 .

      I’m through with Rockstar games if they continue their micro transaction exclusive online content charade with Red Dead Redemption 2. That is their last chance with me. They are becoming like EA. The Houser brothers don’t seem to give a shit anymore.

      • zombie84_41

        Microtranaction’s are the new in it seems.

  • Anni

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  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    This is the ONLY way to enjoy Doom for me. I stumbled upon this mod a couple years ago and have spent 10x longer on it than the latest reboot on PS4. After a long day I pour some good bourbon, crank my sound system, and fire up Brutal Doom and my stresses go away. I’d buy that man a steak dinner if I ever met him.

  • Jay Bennett

    Need to give this a try, the only Doom ive played is the 2016 game and absolutely love it

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      well, none of them reach the quality levels of the firsr original two

  • Matthew Kowalewski

    You might want to research a bit on the creator of this mod. Def not a great human being.

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