Another Contest! WIN a DVD Player & the New ‘Ring’ DVD!

We’ve got three live contests rocking right now! We’ve got the Cube Zero contest here, the Fear of Clowns contest here and now we’ve got this amazing contest for the new DVD release of The Ring (review) inside! Not only will you win a copy of the new special Ring Collector’s Set, but you’ll also win a DVD player! We’ve also got a whopping (10) second prizes, so read on for your chance to win!
The Ring DVD Buzzalong

This isn’t your only chance to win, make sure to enter The Ring Two official sweepstakes by clicking here. The Ring Two hits theaters March 18th from Dreamworks.

For more details on the Ring Collector’s Set, head on over to it’s official site, where you can watch a clip of the new video! The set hits stores on March 8th- and you get a free ticket for The Ring Two with purchase!

So onto the contest! Here’s what we’ve got for you- Vanna…

(1) Grand Prize-DVD Player and Ring Prize Pack (Collector’s Set DVD, Ringu DVD, Ring hat)
(10) Runners up-Sweet ‘Ring Two’ poster

So how do you win? I think we should make this one hard! E-mail me the following:

-Ring Two in the subject line
-Inside your full name and mailing address
-Also, include the answers to these questions:
——-a: How did the tape in The Ring get ‘possessed’?
——-b: Who is Sidako’s real father in Hideo Nakata’s original Ringu.
——-c: Sidako or Samara- you better pick right!

Winners will be chosen on March 19th, failure to include any of the above will result in disqualification.

Source: More details on the DVD here