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Artist Behind Underwater Jason at Dive Site is Next Adding Freddy Krueger Statue!

Just last month we told you about a Jason Voorhees statue that had been anchored to the bottom of a popular dive site in Minnesota, recreating the final moments of Jason Lives for divers brave enough to plumb the murky depths. That statue was constructed by Doug Klein, planted 120-feet deep in a mine pit near Crosby, Minnesota back in 2013.

Where *exactly* can the creepy Voorhees figure be found, you ask? An update from Minnesota Monthly this week clarified precisely where he was planted.

“To start, Jason isn’t at the bottom of one of the state’s 10,000 lakes. He’s tethered to the bottom of a state-owned mine pit known as Louise. Diving institutions, such as the Minnesota School of Diving, use it to teach (because, yes, diving is in fact a recreational activity in Minnesota).”

But be careful if you plan on paying a visit to the dive site and taking a selfie with Jason, warns the owner of the Minnesota School of Diving

I’m worried about people getting hurt,” he told the site, “It is deep, dark, and very cold.”

What’s next for Klein? Well, he says he’s planning on adding an underwater figure of Eddie, Iron Maiden’s mascot, somewhere in Louise, and he’s also been challenged to build and plant an underwater Freddy Krueger figure for another nearby site!

I just gotta do it,” Klein tells Minnesota Monthly.



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