Argento Really Ready for Final ‘Three Mothers’?

Just like Romero, Argento has his own problems in trying to complete a series. Argento has his ‘Three Mothers’ trilogy, with Suspiria and Inferno being the first two. The third, which is still unnamed, has been planned for years now, but will we ever see it? According to new reports it might be just around the bend. Read on for the story…
Dark Dreams writes:

He talked about the last chapter of the “Three Mothers” trilogy. He said he hopes to film it after finishing the Masters of Horror film, if things go right. He said it was quite a heavy task, since he left that series more than 20 years ago, but it’s something everyone wants to see and it’s something he wants to do (properly) and he said he hopes not to disappoint his fans, he hopes to make his fans proud. When I asked him if he will keep the film visually similar to Suspiria and Inferno he said a lot of things changed since then (cgi effects, etc…), but he hopes to keep a visual style similar to the previous two.

There you have it, the film could be next! Keep those fingers crossed.

Source: Dark Dreams