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Return to your Memories in ‘Asemblance 2’ Trailer

While I never got around to actually playing Nilo Studios’ psychological thriller game Asemblance, it certainly divided those people who played it. You either loved or hated it for the puzzle-solving aspects. Well, the game looked to have made a big enough of an impression that Nilo Studios are back again with the sequel, Asemblance 2: Oversight, which just had its release trailer unveiled.

Set for a release later this Spring, the Asemblance 2 picks up where the previous game left off. For those who walked in late, the Asemblance had players trapped in a machine that was built to simulate memories, but you end up facing some all-too-real trauma from the past. The sequel has the players returning to the machine, which now has something new to show you.

Asemblance 2 will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Those who haven’t checked out the original can pick it up on Steam, or on the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Games Store.



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