New Reviews: Tartan’s Korean Films ‘Acacia’ and ‘H’

We’ve got two new reviews for films Tartan will be releasing sometime this year on DVD. The first is a Korean film entitled H. In H a serial killer named Shin-Hyun gives himself up to police. He confesses to committing a series of particularly horrifying murders of exclusively female victims. He is imprisoned, awaiting the death sentence for his crimes. Yet the killings do not stop. They continue with all the same characteristics trademarks of the Shin-Hyun serial killings. The case is re-opened when two more bodies are discovered, both pregnant women. The second is also a Korean film entitled Acacia. In Acacia Do-il Kim (Jin-geun Kim) and his wife are having trouble having kids, so they adopt a child named Jin-seong (Oh-bin Mun). The child draws creepy pictures and is convinced his mother (who passed away) is alive as a tree. The family finally has a baby of their own and Jin-seong is jealous. He acts violent and does crazy things until he finally runs away- or did he?

Source: The Movie Pit Rocks Your World