Another Trio Lost in ‘The Fog’ and ‘Hellboy 2′ Official!

Revolution Studios’ remake of John Carpenter’s classic film The Fog is getting pretty thick into casting prepping for filming. Right now the film, which is slated for an October 14th release, stars Tom Welling and Maggie Grace. Read on to find out the three new members of the cast and to see who’s shooting Hellboy 2 after this. The original was set in Northern California, where a thick fog enshrouds the coastline. The fog is reminiscent of one 100 years before that wrecked a ship and drowned the seamen aboard. Sure enough, those salty dogs are back, mighty angry and out to kill whomever they find.
According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Selma Blair has signed on for the remake of John Carpenter’s classic horror-thriller “The Fog” for Revolution Studios. Also joining the cast are DeRay Davis and Rade Serbedzija.

Rupert Wainwright is directing the film, and Debra Hill, David Foster and Carpenter are the producers. Cooper Layne is writing from the screenplay by Hill and Carpenter for the original 1980 film.

“Fog” is set in a Northern California town near where a ship sank about 100 years earlier under mysterious circumstances in a thick, eerie fog. The ghosts of the deceased mariners return from their watery graves to seek revenge.

Tom Welling and Maggie Grace also star. Blair is stepping into the role originally portrayed by Adrienne Barbeau, a DJ and owner of a lighthouse. Davis plays Welling’s best friend, and Serbedzija is a priest.

Blair’s upcoming films include “Pretty Persuasion” and “The Alibi.” She will shoot “Hellboy II” after she completes “Fog.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter