‘The Amityville Horror’ Rated R- Get Used To It!!!

My head is about to friggin explode with the amount of emails I’ve been getting from people asking me about MGM/Dimension Films’ upcoming release of The Amityville Horror (review). The main emails I’m getting are from people showing me that the movie was resubmitted to the MPAA for a rating after it had received an “R”- so I understand the concern. But here’s the real deal. The version I saw has been changed and made more intense. The ending has been amped up and some of the slow parts cut out, the movie is tighter and better than the version I saw. The opening has not been changed and the end is more frightening than the one I saw- so how could it get PG-13? It can’t. It HAS to be resubmitted to the MPAA because of all the new additions- it’s a slightly different movie. You can’t submit a PG film to the MPAA and then go and add 20 scenes of people being slaughtered and release it as PG- get it? Good. April 15th ENJOY.