Robert Englunds Wishful Thinking Becomes a Nightmare

Sometimes I think Robert Englund is trapped in a dream world. Sure he plays Freddy Krueger in all of New Line Cinema’s Nightmare on Elm St. related films, but sometimes I feel like he is just wishful thinking when it comes to his next Freddy project. I mean seriously, how many times before has he talked about the prequel that was being made- but never even came up as a strong rumor? He’s also been on this Freddy vs Jason vs Michael kick for what seems like years now- but New Line doesn’t own the rights to Michael Myers of the Halloween franchise. Now he’s bring up Clive Barker’s Candyman?! I guess what I’m getting at is inside you’ll find some big rumors from Robert and you should probably take them as a grain of salt…
Moviehole pulled out all the good parts from an interview over at Philly Burbs:

“Englund’s always been pretty keen about teaming up Freddy with Michael Myers, but says for it to work he’ll have to spark Jamie Lee Curtis’s interest – because, like a plug in a bath, she’s a must if it’s to work.

“The way it’s conceived it would be a hell of an acting chore for her, because she get to do sort of a rehab/recovery performance, and it would be really fun”, tells Englund. “You could imagine, just see that whole arc of the character, from being damaged and addled and weak, then getting your strength back, you know, it’s that great old thing, the gunfighter who loses their courage. But you have this character that has the knowledge of evil then, and when they’re brought back into the fray… and my idea is to couple her with a strong stepdaughter or daughter, so you have female heroines, which is that great “Niightmare on Elm Street” thematic thing, except this time you have double the fun. This time you have two of ‘em going against two or three monsters; it makes it a little more even than just having Heather Langenkamp up against a squad of monsters.”

Englund says the other idea would pit razor-nails Freddy against bee-swarming’ Candyman, played by Tony Todd.

“We’d really be able to open the door to surrealism, then. Whereas, if you use someone like Micheal Myers, he’s not that different. He has a different goal, but he’s not that different from Jason. But if you get someone like Candyman, now you really open the world to some surrealism in horror, and really go somewhere strange”, he explains. “But it’s also that he operates on several planes, too, as opposed to Jason, who operates in reality and Freddy, who operates in dreams. So it would be interesting to play wth the Candyman, and the different planes he can operate on. Obviously, I would probably need Jason, because I already know how to work him like my puppet. But it would be interesting to see how they deal with each other. It would almost be, as opposed to strength against each other, it would be about who could out-fantasy each other one, psyche the other one out. They’d have to go after each other’s psychological flaws. That would have to be explored, which would be interesting. He could mentally torment Freddy. What’s left in Freddy – is there anything left in Freddy that can torment him, besides fire? We know now that he’s afraid of fire, but that’s about it”.”

Source: PhillyBurbs