Movie Maniacs: Series 8 Announcement!

I used to stop into my local bookstore and check out the action figure magazines every month in anticipation waiting for the big Movie Maniacs announcements. McFarlane always came through and always delivered amazing figures based on my favorite characters from the horror genre- until Snake Plissken. Everything pretty much went down hill form there, especially with the all Alien vs Predator line and almost all Texas Chainsaw Massacre line- too bad the sculpting wasn’t even good (did you see that big Leatherface?) Now McFarlane Toys has announced a major part of series 8, which is cool, but the same problem exists- a whole line of… read on and find out…

Bram Stoker’s Dracula! writes:

Assortment to be released in Spring of next year…

Our affiliate site reports that due to a full production schedule for the rest of the year, Dracula has been pushed into McFarlane’s next Movie Maniacs series set to be released in Spring of next year.

The news was confirmed by McFarlane’s Jon Goff on their message board.

Although there is no more word on what figures they are working on, it has been discussed in the past they would start with the Bat and Wolf versions of the Vampire, and now it looks like Movie Maniacs 8 will revolve around the film much like Series 7 did with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.