The Spierig Bros. Twist Up the Vampire Genre & Get…

…a cliche Vampire flick. Inside you’ll find a detailed synopsis for Michael and Peter Spierig’s (Undead) next feature film Daybreakers, which is a Vampire film being written for Lions Gate Films. The film sounds really really cool, but it also sounds like it’s trying to be something new, which it’s not. Their first film Undead hits theaters everywhere July 1st from Lions Gate Films. Read on for the story…
Now Playing writes:

“Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig, the Australian writing/directing team behind the zombie flick Undead (which is getting a U.S. release this summer from Lions Gate), recently chatted with Now Playing about what’s next for the pair. And it looks like the brothers are aiming for another tried and true subgenre within horror: the vampire film.

“[We] just finished the next draft [for Daybreakers] and are about to deliver it to Lions Gate,” the pair says. “Everyone’s very excited about it. The film is much darker and far more serious than Undead. It’s about a world dominated by vampires.”

Anyone who’s seen Undead reports that the Spierigs are not churning out your run of the mill horror schlock, and it sounds as though Daybreakers will continue to explore new ground for the genre.

“[The vampires] have tried to continue their lives as normal people,” they explain. “Human beings are on the brink of extinction [and] it’s just a matter of time before the entire human population is wiped out. Vampires will suffer an eternity of starvation and madness if they can’t find an alternative to human blood, [but] one man discovers a solution that will save the vampire race – they must become human again.”

Daybreakers is expected to hit theaters in 2006, but look for Undead in the meantime this July.”

Source: Now Playing