‘Nightstalkers’ Not in Reynolds Future?

New Line’s Nightstalkers, the long-talked about spin-off to the Blade franchise, is on the rocks according to star Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds portrayed the ‘Hannibal King’ in Blade: Trinity along side Jessica Biel the two appeared to be a hot commodity. But Reynolds thinks it’s all about Snipes. Read on for the story and don’t forget that he and Biel are contractually obliged to appear in the movie…
Sci Fi Wire writes:

Ryan Reynolds told SCI FI Wire that he’s not interested in reprising his Blade: Trinity character, vampire killer Hannibal King, in a proposed spinoff film. “No, I don’t want to do a Nightstalker movie,” Reynolds said, referring to the project that would reunite Reynolds’ character with Jessica Biel’s Abby Whistler.

Reynolds added that he doubts a Nightstalker film will come together, despite some early speculation. “I mean, that was just something they just kind of gauged our interest on, to spin off Blade,” he said. “I don’t think its going to [go]. I think people, if they go see a Blade movie, they want to see Wes [star Wesley Snipes]. That’s who they’ve watched all this way. So I suggested to New Line if they want to spin that off, take the characters and do something totally different with them, … outside of the realm of vampires or whatever.”

In any case, talk of a Nightstalkers spinoff film has cooled since 2004’s Blade: Trinity, the third installment in the Marvel Comics-inspired franchise, pulled in $52.4 million at the domestic box office, much less than the previous two chapters.

Source: Sci Fi Wire