Teaser Art and Synopses for ‘Monster Man’ Trilogy!

Michael Davis (interview) started it and Dream Entertainment is going to finish it. Lions Gate Films’ Monster Man is becoming a trilogy and Dream Entertainment has some teaser details for us regarding Jeff Burr’s back-to-back sequels, which feature a crazy family and a monster who’s a monster truck driver- heh. Read on for the goods. Thanks to Brother Fred for the heads up…

Monster Man 2

Aspiring Reality-TV producers GLENN HODGES and BENJI BUTTERMAN travel to a small southern town in search of THE MONSTER MAN. With beautiful, struggling actress ANDI VELDE as their on-camera host, they encounter ULYSSES, a strange 10-year old faith healer, and his congregation of AMPUTEES, victims of the Monster Man’s deadly drive.

Meanwhile, Monster Man’s sister SARAH has recovered the grisly remains of the creature. With the help of wicked COUSIN TIMMY and a new MONSTER TRUCK, they set out on a vicious quest for the human roadkill they need to rebuild the Monster Man.

As Benji, Glenn and Andi investigate recent violent attacks, they are unaware that they are being groomed as potential sacrifices to the Monster Man and his evil clan…

Monster Man 3

RUSSELL and his new fiancé, MARYANNE, travel to his hometown so she can meet his parents. But Russell’s father, SHERIFF JENKINS neighborhood, and citizens are turning up drained of blood.

A bizarre TRAVELING CIRCUS has pitched its tents on the far side of town, containing the oddest freak show ever seen. The owner of the circus is a dark WITCH, the original source of the evil magic that keeps the Monster Man and his clan alive.

In an effort to rebuild his family once again, the Monster Man has made his way to the little town in search of the witch and her powers. He has evolved into something more horrific than before. He and his Truck have become as one; he is now part machine, while the Truck is powered by a deadly intelligence…

Source: Dream Entertainment, Brother Fred