Catch ‘Friday the 13th’ on the Big Screen in Hollywood!

Saturday April 16th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood at 8:15 PM you can catch FRIDAY THE 13th back on the big screen! Director Sean Cunningham synthesized a number of gory elements from earlier 1970’s horror pix such as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (which he produced) and Bava’s TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE to concoct this prototype of the slasher-stalks-teens genre, achieving some genuinely creepy frissons and creating box office magic in the process. After a young boy drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in the late 1950’s, a number of teenagers are murdered by an unknown killer. The camp is closed down, then despite local warnings, reopened again years later in 1980. But the murders start anew, perpetrated by a hockey mask wearing, seemingly indestructible maniac. With Betsey Palmer, Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon. Click here for more info.

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