Fox Searchlight Nabs ‘Hills Have Eyes’ Remake

Damn those trade, I was on my way to post my scoop that Fox Searchlight has acquired the rights to Alex Aja’s (High Tension) upcoming The Hills Have Eyes when the Hollywood Reporter beat me too it! The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of the 1977 Wes Craven horror cult classic, which is about a family traveling cross-country whose trailer breaks down in the middle of the dessert of New Mexico. They find themselves preyed upon by mysteriously deformed hill people, victims of years of nuclear testing in the area. Read on for the story…
The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“The Hills Have Eyes,” a remake of the 1977 Wes Craven horror cult classic that Alexandre Aja is directing, has landed at Fox Searchlight. The Fox specialty division beat out several suitors for the project, which was in turnaround from Dimension Films. Craven, who directed and wrote the original, is producing with Marianne Maddalena along with original producer Peter Locke. “Eyes” tells the tale of a vacationing family that takes a wrong turn, accidentally going through an air-testing range. When they get stranded in the desert, they become the targets of a cannibalistic, feral group of people. The original movie was part of the 1970s wave of cutting-edge horror films and helped establish Craven’s reputation as a horrormeister. The project will be overseen by Lawrence Grey, who brought the project into the studio, and Jeff Arkuss for Fox Searchlight president Peter Rice. Aja, who directed and co-wrote the French horror film “Haute Tension” (High Tension), also will write the remake with his “Tension” co-writer Gregory Levasseur.

Source: Hollywood Reporter