First ‘Hills Have Eyes’ Casting Rumor

GothPrincess sent us in a scoop regarding Fox Searchlight’s recent acquisition of The Hills Have Eyes remake. Inside you’ll find the skinny. Recently snatched from Dimension, Hills will be directed by Alex Aja (High Tension) and is about a family traveling cross-country whose trailer breaks down in the middle of the dessert of New Mexico. They find themselves preyed upon by mysteriously deformed hill people, victims of years of nuclear testing in the area….
Keep in mind this is only a rumor and nothing is confirmed. GothPrincess writes in:

“Mark Harmon (Summer School) COULD be in talks to star in The Hills Have Eyes remake. I met the latter at a an opening in NYC last weekend (did you know he’s married to ‘Mindy’ from Mork and Mindy? – She looks great!) and he said he’s ‘keeping busy…looking at a remake of an old Wes Craven film’. I don’t think it’s a done deal or anything, but the movie’s starting to sound interesting – if the guess is correct.”