New Line’s ‘Meg’ Eats Jaws Alive

Move over Jaws! It has been long rumored that New Line Cinema was in talks to acquire the rights to Steve Alten’s book Meg, which is about a shark the size of King-freaking-Kong. Cool you say? This movie is going to be flippin’ sweet. Jan de Bont is attached to direct. Read on for the full breaking story.
Hollywood Reporter:

“New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to “Meg,” Steve Alten’s horror adventure about a prehistoric shark, with Jan de Bont on board to direct.

The story features a 80-foot-long prehistoric shark — scientifically known as Carcharodon megalodon and believed by some to be an ancestor of the great white shark — which terrorizes the California coast. Two men from opposite points of view are forced to come together to neutralize the threat.

Alten’s “Meg” was published in 1997 and originally was set up at Walt Disney Pictures’ Hollywood Pictures label. The book spawned two sequels, “The Trench” and last year’s “Meg: Primal Waters.” Shane Salerno is rewriting Alten’s script. Producing are Ken Atchity, Nick Nunziata, Guillermo Del Toro, Larry Gordon, Lloyd Levin and Chi-Li Wong. New Line’s Jeff Katz and George Waud, who brought the project into the studio, are the execs in charge, along with NL president Toby Emmerich.

The studio is putting the project on the fast-track. De Bont most recently directed “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.” His credits include “The Haunting,” “Twister” and “Speed.” He is repped by ICM, Marty Bauer at the Bauer Co. and attorney Stan Coleman.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter