Exclusive First Look at Graveyard Filmworks’ ‘Boo!’

Sneaky, sneaky, the other week I slid into a screening for Anthony C. Ferrante’s directorial debut Boo, which was produced by David E. Allen’s Graveyard Filmworks- a branch of Kismet (Dog Soldiers). Ferrante is no stranger to the horror genre, working in the art and FX department and doing second unit for numerous low budget horror films. But it’s obvious that his work on those films didn’t inspire him – it was the work of others like Stuart Gordon, John Carpenter and even Clive Barker. Read on for my quick take on the film, which I pray will see the light of day sometime in the near future…
Now I wasn’t supposed to see this movie and I over heard someone in the screening room say they are trying to sell this sweet flick (shouldn’t be a problem if you ask me), so I won’t be reviewing it. But f-ck it, I’m going to talk a little bit about it – how could I not? It was so much fun!

Graveyard Filmworks and Kismet brought to you the classic Dog Soldiers and is about to shoot Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat. Cemetery
(stars Reggie Bannister) is hopefully coming to a store near you in the near future.

Ferrante’s Boo (which he also wrote) is a perfect example of heart and soul going into a movie. This is easily one of the best indie films I’ve seen in years. Sure it’s not perfect, but some of the scenes are absolutely incredible. To make it short and avoid writing a review about this film let me just say the score was classic ‘80s with a modern twist, the editing tight as hell and the cinematography looked beautiful in the haunted hospital. Also, there was a nice amount of “goo,” which was very reminiscent of something out of Re-Animator.

One quick thing I’ll ruin is that there are numerous elevator scenes, which Ferrante makes sure you know will be terrifying. Every time a character steps into the elevator you know something crazy is going to happen. Blood pouring from the walls and ceilings, people coming back to life- you name it. The best scene in the movie easily is one that involves a clown- but I’ll leave it at that. With all the remakes announced every week, the studios should beg Ferrante to helm one of them immediately. I can’t wait to see what he does next. He has the goods and he totally understands horror.

I’m excited for David Allen’s Graveyard Filmworks, they’ve been making some really fun movies as of late and I can’t wait to see what cards they have hiding up their sleeve. When Boo and Cemetery Gates get released, I guarantee you’ll have a blast- they are two popcorn flicks you’ll watch again and again.

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