First News from ‘Final Destination 3’ Set!

Final Destination 3: Cheating Death Director Glen Morgan couldn’t have said it any better, “It’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but it hasn’t been done before, you know, in this way…” But give me a break, the Final Destination franchise isn’t about great storytelling, it’s about the creative and unique kills- and where better than to take the story than to an amusement park, right?! Well I’m psyched and I’m sure this is going to be one hell of a ride, inside you can read the first news from the set of New Line Cinema’s third film in this immortal franchise. I just wish Devon Sawa would come back….
SciFi Wire writes, “Like the previous two films, the movie begins with the main character—in this case, high school senior Wendy, played by newcomer Mary Elizabeth Winstead—experiencing a horrific disaster in which she and her friends all die—then realizing it’s only a premonition of death. In the first film the disaster was a plane crash. In the second, a multi-vehicle pileup on a freeway. In Final Destination 3, it’s a disaster on a roller coaster, Morgan said. It all fits, he added.

“I don’t know if we ever successfully pull it off, but Jim and I like to have themes,” Morgan said. “And this one, for the Wendy character, is about loss of control. … You got a roller coaster, [and] psychologists will tell you that’s why people hate ’em. Why you’re afraid of them. Or why you’re afraid to fly. Because you have no control. And for me, … when I’m going up any roller coaster, I just say, ‘I want out.’ But I’m not getting out. That’s just torture. … It’s unbearable. I’m nervous talking about it. … If you look at death, that’s [the same thing]. … All of a sudden. I feel that if it wants us, [it’s going to get us]. I think that’s why the franchise kind of works.”

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Source: SciFi Wire