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BD Pick Of The Week: ‘We Will Bury You’+5 Page Preview

Last week we previewed some art from Brea Grant (“HEROES”, “MIDNIGHT MOVIE”) and brother Zane’s upcoming zombie mini titled “WE WILL BURY YOU” coming from IDW Publishing. It looks like the first issue of the book was moved to a February 24th release date as opposed to it’s previously reported February 17th date. Good news is you don’t have long to wait as the book will be hitting news stands tomorrow, and inside you will find our 5 page preview of the epic that is this weeks (and coincidentally the first) “Bloody-Disgusting Pick Of The Week”.

WRITTEN BY: Brea Grant and Zane Grant
COVERS BY: Ben Templesmith

“1927: The first talkie ended the silent film era, the first man completed a solo transatlantic flight, and…a zombie virus decimated the human race. Two unlikely heroines use their unorthodox skills to survive as a zombie infection spreads through the streets of New York and beyond. Brea Grant (Heroes) and Zane Grant promise the worst breakup ever and an epic beginning to this historical horror miniseries.”

Why You Should Care

While Brea is undoubtedly a fan favorite within the genres of both horror and sci-fi, the self-professed “geek” is not your average Hollywood beauty. She holds a masters in American Studies as well as being a very prolific contributor to various charities. Her comic debut that is co-written by her brother Zane has been getting fantastic reviews, and having been able to personally read the first issue already I can honestly say it lives up to the hype. Having a vast knowledge of history to bring to the table lends perfectly to the period piece and it is obvious that the siblings have done their homework in order to bring readers a very authentic historical story with some more than fantastical macabre twists.

“WE WILL BURY YOU” does a lot to set itself apart from the glutted genre by focusing on very strong female leads during a time that was so pivotal to their gender. The situations that readers will be diving into is not A-typical Hollywood jargon. There is no fairy tale life torn asunder for these leads. Instead the story chooses to focus on those that are already living through hell and using the zombie aesthetic to add to and compliment this fact.

Couple all of this with very strong artwork by Kyle Strahm and what you get is a story that is 1 part horror, and 2 parts gender struggle and highly effective character drama. If you can find yourself a copy of this gem tomorrow then be sure to do yourself a favor and not let “WE WILL BURY YOU” get buried under the stacks of lesser stories on the shelves around it. You will not be disappointed.



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