Tony Todd Becoming the ‘Candyman’ One Again?

Wow this could be an interesting scoop! ‘Armstrong’ writes in that once Tony Todd is finished shooting his next film Hatchet) (he wont be in Final Destination 3: Cheating Death I was informed), he will be returning as The Candyman for his next film!! Read on for the skinny and Beware of a possible major spoiler, which I blacked out. Remember this is all rumor until confirmed. James Wong’s Final Destination 3 is now shooting in Vancouver…
Beware of a possible major spoiler:
‘Armstrong’ writes in:

“I recently attended a casting call for New Line Cinema’s “Cheating Death”. The film stars Ryan Merriman, Mary Winstead, Brenda Bakke and Tony Todd.

I had the pleasure of meeting two actors at the video test and it went well. I still don’t know how I went, but the roles are filling up fast, so not confident that it’s in the bag. It was a scene at the start of the movie, that we were told to read from, where the lead tries to get a carnival operator to stop a coaster. I was going for the role of the kid next in line, one-sentence. (Spoiler : I don’t think the lead male actor makes it alive from the film). Also, I had a chat to the director, David, and mentioned I think that the film sounds good (suck up) and that I love Tony Todd in Candyman. He told me Tony’s supposed to do another Candyman sometime this year. Great hey?!”